The Gallery 2 Shutdown


La Croix cans, and rice grains from Poke bowls. This disregard for the maintenance staff and inability to throw away trash prompted the closing of Gallery 2. Sophomore Briannah Cook said, “I feel like our grade has lost a sense of community. Gallery 2 was a place where everyone in the grade could be together while still having their own personal place.” Another sophomore, Rose Branson, stated, “I understand that the rules regarding Gallery 2 were continually violated, however, I don’t think it’s fair to punish the whole grade for the actions of a few students.” Rose and other sophomores alike acknowledge that the problem cannot be linked to the whole grade as some students do not leave trash or even pick up the trash of others when they see it left behind. Next year, the Learning Commons will provide more space for students to work, eat, and collaborate. Hopefully, the shutdown of Gallery 2 will make students more conscientious about keeping our spaces at school clean.]]>