LSCMUN: Latin's Own Model United Nations

Mehr Singh Co-Sports Editor This past Friday, Latin held a Model UN conference for its students. Junior Nick Lehmann, co-head of the Model UN club explained, “The purpose of LSCMUN is to help not only new members, but also past members. We hold this conference every year mainly for the new members, usually many freshmen, so that they can see what conferences are like. It’s much less intense because we like to pause the committee sometimes and give them points and tips, so that in the end, they’ll know what to do and what not to do in real committee, when we send them off to real conferences.” This year, the topic the students had to make a resolution for was the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. The students’ job in the conference was to re-enact the general assembly meeting that initially created resolution 181, a resolution for the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. There were about 40 countries represented (40 students) at the conference, debating the issue and working together to form a resolution paper. At the end of the conference, two resolution papers were created, and one was passed. The Best Delegate awards went to junior, Taylor Pedicone (Turkey) and senior, Dilara Akgunduz (Afghanistan). The Outstanding Delegate award went to junior Katherine Pollock (Russia), who explained, “ LSMUN was a fun way to introduce Model UN at Latin.” Last year, Latin also held a Model UN conference, and the verdict seems to be that this year LSCMUN was a lot more organized and fun for both the delegates and the moderators. Another co-head of the Model UN club, Emilie Neumeier, explained the difference, “This year we put everyone in one committee and made it mandatory for all club members to attend if they wanted to go to an outside conference this year. We also had a historical committee which we haven’t done in the past, where the topic was the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.” Agreeing with the fact that LSCMUN was a great experience, Hedy Gutfreund (Germany), freshman and winner of the Best Position Paper award, said, “LSCMUN gave me a really good sense of what Model UN is going to be like. It got me excited for conferences to come, and I loved the whole experience. I also got to meet new people with similar interests as me.” Jared Levin, junior, and co-head of the Model UN club summed up the entire experience when he said, “If you saw some of the people at the end, including me, it looked like we just played a sport! People really got into it and showed their passion for international relations.” LSCMUN was a great way for students new and returning to Model UN, to understand the protocol for real Model UN conferences. Students from the club are excited to participate in conferences with other schools from around the country and hopefully win some awards!]]>