Open House Recap

Tejas Vadali “Hi, please come this way to sign in; Oh, the theater? Down the hall and to the left.” Last Sunday, Latin held its annual open house, and as always, it was packed. There were reservations made for almost 1,000 guests, and about 920 came, still a very impressive number. Many Latin students volunteered for the open house, and in the few moments they had to relax, most could be found in room 209 enjoying a slice of pizza and a Sprite. I caught up with one of the students, Tara Walsh, during one such instance. “It was great to be able to watch prospective families fill the halls of our school,” she said, “and to be able to assist them with any of their needs was really rewarding.” Every year, Latin counts on its students’ support for the open house, and every year, they seem to thoroughly impress the prospective families present. As a volunteer, I stood outside room 411 helping Mr. Stroup situate guests for his presentation. Most of my job was simple note-taking, writing a head count and jotting down any particulars to give to Ms. Salzman afterwards. Some parts of the open house, however, were much more rewarding than I could have imagined. When ushering prospective families into the theater, I was tapped on the shoulder by a fifth grader named Andrew. He wanted to know about Latin’s academics, so naturally, I told him. We wound up having a good 15-minute conversation, and in that time, we formed a friendship. Although much of the open house may seem monotonous to Latin volunteers, the impressions that we make on prospective families are lasting and very rewarding; playing a part in encouraging the best and the brightest students in Chicago to come to our school is an honor. This year’s open house was, at least from my observation, a huge success. Everywhere I went, I saw the smiling faces of students and families, and that in and of itself made me happy. Guests were intrigued by the array of student art on the fourth floor, the entirety of the science center, and as always, our mass of trophies and plaques. If you are interested in volunteering for any future Latin events, make sure to contact Ms. Salzman, and as always, have fun. I certainly plan to participate again next year. -Tejas V.]]>