Spotlight on Jessie Heider: Latin's Athletic Trainer

Paige Hosbein Jessie Heider, Latin’s athletic trainer from Athletico, is a life-saver for many. If you are one of our athletes that has fallen under the injury-spell, you know Jessie is the one that always keeps you in one piece. From knee pain to hamstring strains to tendinitis, she knows exactly what to do in every scenario. Jessie started working at Latin nearly seven years ago, and student-athletes have benefitted from her thoughtful guidance ever since. Jessie majored in Athletic Training at Purdue University for undergrad, earning a Masters degree in Health Education and Promotion with an Exercise Physiology concentration at the University of Cincinnati. During her childhood, Jessie swam competitively from age five to eighteen, but she also played golf in high school.  When her sister tore her ACL in high school, Jessie played a major role in helping her through rehab. Her passion for sports led her to grow interested in the health field and helping her sister verified it was going to be a great fit.  Jessie is committed beyond belief to helping student-athletes. For instance, last spring Jessie came to a girls soccer game in the far western suburb of Wheaton, Illinois.  It was pouring rain and the game went into overtime, but she endured it all in her rain parka, helping the players feel and perform at their best.Graham Webster, a committed soccer player, stated, “When I strained my calf and hamstring badly, Jessie was there and assisted me during the recovery process. She was always there for me when I was feeling down.”  Furthermore, Giselle Ayala, an enthusiastic cross country runner, mentioned, “Jessie showed me the importance of taking care of yourself during the season because last year when I had shin splits, Jessie was helpful in giving me exercises to strengthen my hips.  And without question, she always gave me ice after practice.  She truly cares about the athletes at Latin.” To prevent injuries, Jessie recommends to . . .

  1. Stay hydrated!
  2. Follow a proper warm-up, cool-down, and stretching program.
  3. Wear properly fitting equipment and utilize good technique for your sport.
  4. Rest. You should allow yourself 1 day per week to allow your body to rest and recover.
  5. Do not play through pain. If you are experiencing pain that is causing you to change your body mechanics or form, you should consult a medical professional.
Thanks Jessie for those wonderful tips!  Jessie encourages anyone to come to her office when in doubt of any pain, or simply to stretch, foam roll, or ice after a tough workout. ]]>