The Forum's Fall Playlist

Lily Campbell Happy Fall, readers! Here are some of The Forum’s seasonal song picks to help keep you focused. Bad Things – Milky Chance ft. Izzy Bizu This entire album is incredible, but this song seems to stand out amongst the rest. Izzy Bizu’s velvet voice coupled with a chill backbeat & Milky Chance’s classic, alternative lyrics makes this song perfect for anything from homework to a fall car ride. Keep Me – Khalid Another amazing song from an equally as amazing album. Khalid has quickly become one of my absolute favorite singers, and this song is one of the most underrated on his album. If you haven’t already, I strongly encourage to listen to his album American Teen. It’s his first and arguably one of the best albums of the year, so do not sleep on it! Memory – Tom Misch Anyone else a total sucker for Caribbean steel drums? An odd thing to love, but when I hear them in a song outside of the Hawaiian-resort setting, I become obsessed. If you have no idea what a Caribbean steel drum is, listen to this song and you’ll find out. This song is not only perfect for keeping you focused through your hour of math homework, but it’ll transport you back to your last Caribbean vacation. GOD. – Kendrick Lamar Like American Teen, DAMN. is another one of the absolute BEST albums of the year. You’ve heard the classics: HUMBLE, ELEMENT, DNA, etc. but if you haven’t heard it, GOD is another song you must listen to. It’s so incredibly beautiful and its slow, smooth tempo highlights Kendrick’s true talent as a singer. Do yourself a favor and add it to your fall playlist. Prom – SZA My love for SZA is so difficult to put into words. She sounds a bit like Kehlani and Leona Lewis and has by far one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. You’ve probably heard her song Love Galore ft. Travis Scott, but Prom is another one of her songs that is high up on my list. It’s R&B with a little pop vibe, and I promise once you listen to it you’ll fall in love with her voice. Learn to Fly – Gallant Can you tell I love R&B? Seriously though, Gallant has a voice that will give you shivers. He hits these extraordinary high notes that will make you stop in your tracks. His other popular song, Weight in Gold, is just as amazing, but Learn to Fly truly showcases his entire vocal range. Yet another song that’s perfect for both math homework or a drive down Lake Shore Drive. Check back in within the next couple weeks for a new playlist!]]>