Katz Meow: The Saddest First Day of School

Ella Katz As I got under my covers last night and tried to get some rest to prepare for the big day ahead of me, I realized that I had never felt so at ease, so calm before the first day of school. I was so excited about everything that the day was bringing, from my last (and 14th) first day at Latin to the freshman boathouse tunnel that the seniors make—I was nothing but excited. Then, all of a sudden I remembered something. It was something my mom had mentioned to me the day before on her way out of the house, something my sister told me on the way to her choir practice, something that I hadn’t really processed, something that went in one ear and out the other— the closing of everyone’s favorite spot, Elly’s Pancake House. So the rumors that roamed the halls last year are unfortunately true, the era of the chocolate chip pancake stacks and the to-die-for-fries are ending today of all days. The diner is turning into an apartment building, which will definitely change the scenery outside Latin’s doors. Elly’s was not only a Latin favorite, but a community favorite. Teachers would dine there for various meetings and long lunch blocks. You could spot families, friend groups, and even the elderly, with a big omelette in front of them or sipping on the out-of-this-world hot chocolate. With a combination of its wall that changes colors on a daily basis, unique ambiance, location, and menu, there are many reasons why Elly’s will be missed. For starters, one of the reasons Elly’s was so unique and special is because there was no targeted age demographic, nor a dress code. I have enjoyed the same burger in sweatpants as I have in stilettos, the same shake next to a baby in a highchair and a grandmother with her cane—which is not something you can do or will find at most restaurants. On another front, the waiters and waitresses were extremely warm and it was evident that they loved their jobs, which always made the meal that much more enjoyable. Thirdly, I can confidently say that their milkshakes were one of a kind. So while we do have Tiparos to go to before Latin’s 7pm plays, and of course Starbucks for our morning dose of caffeine, there is nothing like an Elly’s breakfast or an Elly’s late night snack. Maybe I just liked it so much because our names are so similar, but in short, even on the most exciting of days, we are thinking of you Elly’s—the memories will always last.]]>