Understanding High Jump

Gabe Moreno High Jump is a necessary part of the Latin community. Not only is the middle school one of High Jump’s three campuses (Parker and Lab being the other two), but there is an active High Jump community that attends Latin’s upper school. But does Latin acknowledge the High Jump community? Do Latin students even know what High Jump is? Most of the students I talked to had a loose understanding of it. They knew it was an educational program at Latin that taught kids a lot of different things and prepared them for high school. But no one really knew exactly what it was. A program that last for two years each summer, High Jump offers math, science, and English. High Jump also has classes that focus on racism and how to be an advocate for yourself. In a sense, it’s s a way to give kids that want to learn more a chance to do so. The classes are usually around 15 kids, which for most kids at High Jump is super small– usually one half as small as the class they are used to. Not only that, but it’s a healthy learning environment where students and teachers care immensely for one another. It gives hard working students a leg up from the average 32-plus student classes they’re usually in. As a High Jump alumni, some of my best friends and memories came from High Jump–the only reason I even applied to Latin is because of High Jump. For kids that aren’t aware of these opportunities, High Jump is a life saver. I found it strange that not many people knew about High Jump, especially since one of the main campuses are here, along with a High Jump office, High Jump events, and an active High Jump community. High Jump has changed my life for so many reasons, and it continues to give hard working students a way to take their education to the next level. It’s one of the greatest communities I’ve ever been a part of, and I thank High Jump for that. ]]>