A Breakdown of "Life After Latin"


Cameron Cozzi Starting in preschool and continuing throughout our lives, we are often asked what we want to be when we get older. For many students, this is a daunting question given how many career paths one can choose from. So, on April 27, Latin brought back successful alumni in order to give us an idea of paths some former Latin students have chosen for themselves. Before this event, students were able to explore the bios of many different alumni in a myriad of different fields before having to choose which “Life After Latin” panel they would like to attend. This decision proved to be difficult for many students given the number of interesting alumni coming to speak. Each panel was filled with entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, and doctors, as well as professionals in other fields to insure each student was able to find a session to attend that was in line with their interests. For sophomore Natalie Wexler, there was great benefit in having so many alumni who work in such unique fields presenting. Natalie said, “I was with a documentary filmmaker and an interior designer. I want to work in film when I’m older, so I loved being able to hear from a filmmaker about the industry.” During these 35-minute sessions, students were able to interact and converse with the various alumni in a more personal environment. To start the session, the panel of professionals introduced themselves, speaking about their background and interests, as well as how they became interested in the work that they do today. After their introduction, the alumni fielded questions from the students for the remainder of the session. During this time, the alumni not only talked about the specifics of their job and the training that they went through, but also about how Latin prepared them for college and beyond. The vast majority of alumni stated that the education that they received at Latin was of great help to them throughout college and into their professional lives. Through these conversations, Latin students were not only able to gain more knowledge about the field that interests them, but they were also able to see how many former Latin students—with backgrounds similar to our own—have gone on to do amazing things in their professional lives. After the sessions, many of the alumni chatted with students who did not have class immediately after the panel. The alumni answered any personal questions the students had and offered details about their own interests outside of work. Once “Life After Latin” ended, Latin’s alumni office provided the students with the emails of all of the panelists from each session, giving us the ability to contact a strong network of alumni once we hone-in on which career path we wish to follow in the future. Sophomore Natalie Wexler said that overall, she “really enjoyed “Life After Latin”, but thinks that “a fun idea for the future could be to have the alumni lead a “master class” in their field, rather than hosting a panel, so that the students could see what it is really like to do these jobs.”]]>