Cross Country Runs Well At Lane Tech

Ethan Lee Co-Sports Editor After placing 14th in Peoria against 30 of the Illinois’s best 1A cross country teams last weekend, the Latin Romans went to Lane Tech Academy this past Wednesday for another race. This race was worthwhile, as Captain Nick Stender “had a great time.” The course resembled a BMX course, where hills and mounds were constructed primarily for the use of bikers trying to attempt extreme tricks. The Latin Romans arrived late to the meet due to school bus difficulties, leaving the team 5 miuntes to warm up. Juniors Kara Bank and Lizzie Guynn still ran reasonably well. The Boys varsity team placed third overall, with junior Tom Cox leading the way at 4th, Stender at 9th, junior Ethan Lee at 11th and junior Britt Henderson at 25th. The open girls placed first, ahead of Whitney Young, Lane Tech and Loyola. If the Romans can proceed to run this well and consistently, running in the State meet for two years in a row is an attainable goal.]]>