Latin’s Hidden Figures Keep the Show Running


MacKenzie Guynn With the Oscars in our recent past, the movie title Hidden Figures might ring a bell. The movie follows the incredible story of three young African-American women trying to make their way in NASA. I won’t spoil anything (in case you haven’t seen it), but the main gist of the story details the struggles they face as African-American women working in a completely male dominated workplace in the 1960s and how they deal with them and their environment. In light of many recent events, seeing these women struggle time and time again to follow their passion may seem like a recurring image. But it reminds us that with time, determination, and hard work, you can accomplish anything. It shows that paying attention in math class can pay off in the long run, something I lose sight of at times. In general, the movie can resonate with almost anyone. It could show you that all you need to do to perfect the play is practice. Or it could encourage you to push past all of the obstacles in your way and forge a new path for those that come after you. At the very least, it can inspire you to follow your dreams. Most importantly, it reminds you to appreciate the people behind-the-scenes. At Latin, there is a multitude of people who you may never see face-to-face that are responsible for the way our school runs. The maintenance staff works through the night to make sure we are able to learn in a clean environment. We’re reminded only occasionally and indirectly of their hard work when we’re told to clean up after ourselves in the hallways or lounges or classrooms, but rarely do we acknowledge the role they actually play in our community. The IT department may stay in those offices that no one quite knows where they are, but they are busy at work there. They make sure that our Internet connection is strong and usable so that we can be efficient in what we do. They are in charge of making it easy to replace a lost ID, ensuring our safety, and setting up RomanNet. There are many more people who work to better Latin that seem to stay hidden, but it is safe to say that if these people weren’t there or weren’t working as hard as they do, Latin would not be the same. While it is important to appreciate and take note of those who remain hidden, it is also good to recognize those that are present in our day-to-day activities. Adrian, along with the rest of the staff at the front desks, is constantly trying to brighten our day and keep us safe. It is often hard to remember that with the frequent reminder to, “badge out, please,” but it is true nonetheless. Mrs. Stanford is another key player in making sure the school runs smoothly, just as the food service is integral in our happiness and success as a school. Even if we see them every day, do we realize just how much everyone at the school does to ensure that we, the student body, are happy and able to learn in a safe, clean environment? That question only multiplies once we add in those who we can’t see. The idea of “hidden figures” isn’t confined to the movie screen— there are hidden figures everywhere, Latin included. It is just a matter of how they are treated and how much they are appreciated.]]>