Clubs Fair: Sept. 16th!

Akeira Jennings Managing Editor As Clubs Fair comes around the corner, the hallways are abuzz with students trying to find faculty advisors, while trying to recruit members. Clubs are an opportunity for students to take a break from the routine academic schedule; their value to the Latin community is incalculable. For years, Latin has stressed its desire to be a diverse community. One way Latin reaches this goal is by supporting student-run clubs. Unlike most high school environments, Latin truly encourages students to proudly express their differences. Every year, different clubs and organizations flaunt Latin’s diversity with clubs based upon race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and religious affiliation. These clubs are encouraged to be active in and out of the Latin community, sometimes through community service. Clubs Fair is tomorrow, September 16! Be there, and have fun! Here is a list of SOME of the clubs that will be presented at the fair: Best Buddies Black Student Union (BSU) Book Club China Care Chutes and Ladders C.I.A.O. Dance Team The Forum Free the Children Gay Straight Alliance Gospel Choir Improv Club Juggling Club (…..but Sam Graff is gone so…) LASSO L.A.W. Mens Alliance Poetry Slam Club SAB Student Government Yearbook]]>