JV Girls Volleyball Loses to U-High

Mehr Singh Co-Sports Editor Latin JV Girls Volleyball went up to face U-High after seeing them play in Latin’s tournament this past Saturday. The team was fired up with an intense urge to win. Latin picked up the first game, 25-19. The game proved to be tough, but Latin was able to pull through with Emily Salzman making some great passes as lobero on the team. The second game seemed to fly by, with Latin having the lead at first, and then losing 25-20. The teamplayed aggressively on the entire court, but U-High was able to make a comeback. Stephanie Perlman, one of the setters on the team, helped the team make great plays by running around to retrieve the balls. Chloe Cooper, right side hitter and freshman on the team, was strong at net, making sneaky plays, which surprised the U-High team. After a determined effort in the third game with Nicole Golub, outside hitter on the team, hitting hard at the net, and Rebecca Rokacz gaining points through her tough serves, Latin unfortunately lost 25-12. U-High proved to be determined to send every ball back. Latin JV Girls Volleyball first league game was a hard-fough tloss, and we wish them good luck on their next game against Lake Forest Academy on Friday, September 24th.]]>