Cheerful Cafeteria Chef, Arturo Boyaz, Passes

Alice Bolandhemat Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 8.38.18 PM On the 24th of December, Latin unexpectedly lost an important member of our community, Arturo Boyaz. Most of you may have known him as the guy in the cafeteria who put a single chip on your plate to be humorous and the guy whose smile never seemed to waver. His loss was devastating to many students and staff, and there is no doubt that he will be missed at Latin. Students as well as those who worked with him have very fond memories of Mr. Boyaz. The effect he had on students changed their daily experience in the lunch line. Freshman Madelyn Hill says Arturo was “very kind and happy all of the time. He always wanted to make sure we were satisfied with our lunch while also putting a smile on our faces.” Freshman Jordan Rice, who frequently gets a sandwich at lunch says, “He served every sandwich with a contagious smile.” Waiting in the busy lunch line can be irritating at times, but ninth grader Taylor Pulver says, “Although the encounters I had with Mr. Boyaz were small, his playful sense of humor never failed to cheer me up whenever I came into the cafeteria feeling stressed.” In an interview with Mr. Anthony Arambulo, the Food Service Director of HandCut Foods, he said, “Arturo was such a big personality. He was somehow able to turn working extra shifts into something positive. He had amazing energy that I will never forget.” Mr. Arambulo worked closely with Arturo, and the news of his passing was extremely hard on him. He thought it would be best if “students were informed because Arturo’s personality provided students with constant smiles and laughter. It is definitely something the HandCut Foods staff will miss.” He was personable, humorous, and compassionate towards everyone at Latin. Arturo may not have been at Latin for long, but his impact on the community was still exceedingly significant. Mr. Arambulo says that he will profoundly miss “the way he’d sing in the kitchen, never complain about having to work, and always make it his number one priority to brighten up everyone’s day.” The loss of Arturo Boyaz shows that you may not realize how much a person changed an environment until they are no longer there. He was an incredible individual that Latin students and faculty were lucky to have gotten to know. ]]>