A Trumped Up Look at Him vs. Her


In Support of Donald Trump Nick Schuler While I didn’t support Donald Trump in the primaries, I will support him over Hillary Clinton, or any Democrat, for the presidency of The United States of America. He most certainly has his flaws that are extremely apparent. He has questionable character gaps that have been shown through many incidents such as the leaked 2005 tapes with Billy Bush, attacking the family of a gold star American military member, criticizing 2008 republican nominee John McCain for being a POW, and inadvertently calling Heidi Cruz ugly, to name a few. He also doesn’t identify with some conservative principles such as limited government and free trade. Finally, he also has some knowledge gaps on major issues (although, he has improved upon this greatly). But, at the end of the day, he stands up for values I believe in, including, but not limited to, respect for the second amendment, being pro-life, support for the death penalty, a commitment to cutting taxes and regulations, increased military spending, repealing Obamacare, curtailing illegal immigration (which is a goal that has nothing to do with xenophobia and racism), and preventing a left wing supreme court. Hillary Clinton likely supports none of these things. Two of his policies that speak strongly to me are the second amendment and illegal immigration. Illegal immigration – not necessarily the immigrants themselves – damages our economy, suppresses wages, and hurts our national image, regardless of if they come from Spain or Mexico. No man is above the law, nor is man below it. It is unfair to legal immigrants, who wait years upon years, file mountains of paperwork, and have to undergo tests if you can just stroll in on a moment’s notice. A common argument that I hear is “illegal immigrants work jobs that Americans don’t, like farming and other agricultural positions”. According to Pew, only 3% of illegal immigrants work in agriculture. Cutting taxes and regulations is vital for our economy. With a lower corporate tax, business can hire more employees and create more innovation. Slashing energy regulations will create more economic activity and create jobs. Hillary Clinton is grossly unqualified to be president. She has shown time and time again she cannot be trusted and has unfathomable ties to corrupt foreign nations and massive companies that control her like a puppet. Her emails on a private server are the most damning piece of evidence about this. She set up a private server, which is not allowed, then received classified material on that insecure private server which easily could have been hacked, lied to the American people saying there was no classified material on that server, deleted 30,000+ emails, wiped her sever clean, and then destroyed her Blackberries with a hammer. She has taken millions of dollars through the Clinton Foundation from nations that treat gays and women horribly, such as Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries. Her campaign has taken tens of millions of dollars from Wall Street, which influences her every action. She even lies about small things. She said she landed under sniper fire in Bosnia, but in reality she was greeted by the media and her advisors. She said she was named after Sir Edmond Hillary after he climbed Mount Everest, but he climbed the mountain after she was born. She said she came out of the White House “dead broke,” but she wasn’t. She said all her grandparents were immigrants, and in reality only one was. She told the families of the dead Americans of the Benghazi terrorist attack that the strike was due to a YouTube video. We know this was not the case. There are two options for president, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I support the latter.   In Support of Hillary Clinton  Philip Hinkes and Layla Passman Michelle Obama once said in reference to the GOP that, “when they go low, we go high,” and in this article we will do the same. We could go low and attack Trump’s policy, but we won’t. We will go high: We will talk about all the positive aspects of Sec. Clinton, and why she is the best candidate for president.   Clinton’s main goal is to have the economy work for everyone. She wants to make sure the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes and make it easier to start a small business by decreasing regulation. Clinton believes in increasing the minimum wage to $12/ hour because you shouldn’t have to work minimum wage and still be below the poverty line. And to make sure companies don’t outsource, she promises to toughen up on trade regulations. On immigration, she believes that families shouldn’t be torn apart and will do everything to protect them. She wants to introduce comprehensive immigration reform by ethically enforcing immigration laws, make it easier to be a naturalized citizen, end 3 and 10 year bars, and close immigrant detainment centers. Hillary knows that this is a country of immigrants, and it’s simply un-American to be xenophobic and deny people a chance at a better life by not letting them into our country. Additionally, she knows that we can’t be on the wrong side of history when letting in Syrian refugees. Clinton will provide political asylum for refugees and not profile them based on their religion. In terms of social domestic policies, she aims to maintain a progressive agenda. She will defend a woman’s right to choose and stand behind Planned Parenthood, aim to close the wage gap, and give new mothers paid maternity leave. She will work hard to combat violence against women by giving more support to survivors and increasing prevention efforts. She promises to support the LGBTQ+ community by fighting for more federal equality, supporting LGBT youth, elders, and military personnel. She opposes the “bathroom bill” and aims to support the transgender community by cracking down on violence against trans people and making it easier to change their gender on official documents. She is pro-decriminalization of marijuana, and understands that the criminalization of it is a factor of the mass incarceration of black men.  She doesn’t want to take away your guns, despite what some republicans think. She supports common sense gun laws, which means comprehensive background checks ( which 92% of americans support) so that guns don’t get into the hands of the wrong people. Lastly, she understands that we need to reform our criminal justice system. She’s against private prisons, will reform mandatory minimum sentencing, and work towards rehabilitation rather than incarceration. In terms of police brutality, she promises to focus on a more comprehensive police training program, and enforce national guidelines for police officers. Her social policy keeps American progressive and moving forward. From her time as first lady to her career as a senator, Hillary has always been an advocate for the expansion of Healthcare. During her husband’s administration she helped pass CHIP, which today, still helps children from less affluent backgrounds get health care. And as president, Hillary would expand Obamacare. Under said program, Medicaid eligibility has been expanded in over 26 states, patients can no longer be denied health care for pre existing conditions, and over 20 MILLION  people have gained health insurance. With Hillary’s proposed expansion of the ACA, this positive trend would only continue. By reducing the price of prescription drugs, defending funding for reproductive healthcare, and doubling the funding for community health centers, Hillary can build on the progress of Obamacare. With regards to Foreign Policy, there is no person more qualified than Hillary Clinton. As secretary of state, she assisted in the takedown of Osama Bin Laden as well as countless other key foreign affairs. As president, Hillary would keep our Military as strong as financially possible, but will also rely on allies and diplomacy opposed to brute force. To combat terrorism, Hillary will use allied Middle eastern countries to dismantle terrorism abroad, and she will invest in the training and equipment of our first responders domestically to fight terrorism. Education is the great equalizer of our time, and Hillary wants to expand education to as many americans as possible. She has a comprehensive, fact checked plan that would allow americans to graduate from college debt free. Additionally, Hillary has proposed investments in elementary and high schools: programs that modernize teachers, improve school facilities, and make computer science a core class. Lastly, Hillary would increase funding for early childhood education; she would make pre-school a right for every four year old in American and expand after school programs. There is a scientific and inconvenient truth of our time known as climate change. It is the greatest issue we face today. Hillary is the only candidate with a comprehensive plan to fight climate change. As President, she will launch a 60 Billion dollar clean energy challenge, cut the billions dollars given away via subsidies to oil/natural gas companies, and install half a billion solar panels by the end of her first term. Further, Hillary will protect our national sanctuaries and endangered species, while being a fierce advocate for animal rights. To conclude, Hillary is the only person for the job. Her 30 years in public service make her the most qualified presidential candidate ever. Is she perfect? Of course not- but who is? She will be the president for everyone, no matter your nationality, gender, religion, race, etc. She will fight for the working class and promote a progressive agenda that will move ur country in the right direction. The answer is clear: Hillary Clinton for president. ]]>