Back Stage at “Stage Door”

Alice Bolandhemat Latin’s fall theater production, Stage Door was set during the 1930s  in New York City and was the product of the hard work of 33 students and 4 faculty members. Directed by Mr. Baer, the play included 2 acts and 6 scenes and explored the struggle actresses face finding steady work, their love of the stage preceding their need for money. In an interview with Julia Rose Atkinson, who played lead actress Terry Randall, she explained that “preparing for Stage Door required a lot more character analysis than I was used to. It was my first lead role. I loved playing Terry. I could appreciate her outlook on theater because it was similar to mine.” Atkinson’s role of Terry Randall took a great deal of work. She wasn’t used to “saying words like ‘darling’ and focusing so much on posture.” Julia Rose has been acting in plays at Latin since she was a freshman. Participating in fall plays has helped her “make connections with not only kids but faculty members outside of the classroom. The play is always a very diverse group within itself. There are kids from all four grades.” Not only are students improving their theatrical skills, but they are also forging new friendships along the way. Stage Door provided students with “a place to go where they can express themselves with theater,” as Julia Rose explained. Every student and faculty member involved shares a common passion for the performing arts. Atkinson said she “finds performing a play extremely satisfying and rewarding. [She] is always amazed at how many people are there in the audience supporting [her].” Stage Door was an intriguing and eye-opening play. It revealed the struggles of female performers in the 1930’s and how they overcame obstacles with their passion for theater. Putting on the play required an incredible amount of time and energy for all students and faculty involved and it was an incredible experience for both the audience members watching and the actors performing.]]>