Is Parents’ Night Worth It?

Alberto Lopez Parents’ Night is a night in which parents get the opportunity to meet all of their children’s teachers and are encouraged to talk to them about their methods and goals for the class. But, just a couple weeks into the year, is it even worth it? Parents’ Night has been around for at least 35 years now, and there haven’t been many problems with its setup. Of course, the fact that it is in the afternoon might prevent some parents who work late from coming, but that is a case-by-case issue. As a freshman that is new to Latin, I encouraged my mom to go and asked her what she thought of it. “The teachers introduced themselves and talked about how they will work with the students throughout the year as well as the goals they have set for the students,” she said. She was particularly happy that all the teachers were friendly and open to questions, and felt comfortable going up to them afterwards to talk. “Most of the teachers said that their students should not be afraid to ask for help, which is something I really liked.” She overall was pleased with the event and said that the school would benefit from having it every year. When it comes to teachers, many have said that they enjoy meeting and talking to new parents. For example, one teacher mentioned that meeting their students’ parents allows them to communicate the way that they will grade so that the parents are not worried about their children’s grades. But, for some parents, Parents’ Night is somewhat of a hassle. One problem that some parents have is that it is all in English. Many families may not be proficient at English or at a level high enough to understand everything that the teacher is saying, which can cause misunderstandings or confusion. Moving forward, Latin can better cater Parents’ Night to all Latin families, regardless of their language ability. Overall, Parents’ Night is a special event which can ensure that teachers and parents have a good understanding when it comes to their children’s education. While there are certainly improvements that can be made for parents night, it is still an important event and a great way to kick off the year. Nothing is perfect, but Parents’ Night proves that there can always be time for parents and teachers to connect in favor of everyone involved.]]>