Senior Class Boycotts Classes Until Treats Return

By Lauren Zimmerman    If one had talked to a member of the Class of 2017 at the very beginning of the school year, the title of this article would probably have become reality. For those wondering what the table in the cafeteria with sweets is, and why you can’t touch it, this article may be your first introduction to a Latin tradition. Since the beginning of time, it seems as though senior treats (only allowed to be eaten by seniors) have congratulated the graduating class for making it through a difficult week with the privilege of high calorie comfort food. If underclassmen were wondering why the newly sworn in seniors were feeling particularly anxious as they adjusted to their new role, they would need to look no further than the empty table in the cafeteria the first three weeks of school. During this time, the Class of 2017 Facebook page was flooded with questions and concerns regarding who was the culprit of the treats’ disappearing act. For those who see the cafeteria bursting with food, the drama surrounding missing sugar may seem over exaggerated. However, one must remember three things: senior treats are free, they tend to be good, and it’s about the principle. When asked about them, the Class of 2017 Grade Representative, Julia-Rose Atkinson, said, “Senior treats are important because they are a tradition that most of us have looked forward to since freshman year. It’s nice to feel the perks of being a senior, even if we’ve only been in that role for a couple of weeks.” Although this senior class may be new to their leadership role, the rules regarding senior treats are set in stone. When asked about his concerns surrounding the status of the missing treats, senior Chris Chu elaborated, “I really hope that there is no change in the treats this year because there always seems to be a change that rolls out just before the Class of 2017 gets there.” Thankfully, after clearing up some confusion regarding the sign up list, treats made their first appearance of the semester last Friday. However, the reinstatement of the valued tradition does come with new requirements. After signing up on behalf of their graduating student, it is mandatory for parents to provide nut free treats as well as a gluten free options. Regarding whether or not healthy treats should be required, senior Annika Johnson states, “We shouldn’t be sheltered from sugar since we will all need to control our own intake and learn to make our own healthy choices in college next year.” Luckily for the senior class, there is no calorie limit on treats this year, so bring on the sugar high. ]]>