Hey Mr. DJ! Won’t You Turn The Forum Up

By El Buchanan  Social Media Editor In 2011, the war of music streaming was born. We have Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Tidal, and even Youtube, and an average listener makes the decision between these multiple streaming sites that all offer different functions. This has sparked the great debate: how do you listen to music? The Forum went out and did its own research in the halls of Latin. When interviewing 50 people to find out what site they use for music, 43 people said Spotify was their main account. Multiple people listed more than one, saying they used a combination of Spotify and Soundcloud or Spotify and their own music that they bought. Everyone has their opinions on what’s the best site, but 86% of Latin students use Spotify. The Forum has a way to use that information. And Spotify is that way. The Forum has created a new Spotify account run by Lily Campbell and me (El Buchanan). “Expect a mix of music, the genres ranging from alternative, to rock, to R&B,” said Lily. Follow us at Latin School Forum and follow our latest playlist. Click here to listen to the first playlist!]]>