Science Department: Meet Mr. Siward

Mr. Siward Lab Manager large_user4010310_2347023 Q: Where did you work before coming to Latin? A: Most recently, I had two jobs. I was a TA for the center for child development at Northwestern. And I also worked at the Wilmette public library.   Q: As lab manager, will you ever teach any classes? If so, what would you say is your teaching style? A: I’ll be occasionally substituting for teachers. For something like chemistry, I think I’d take a mile wide approach, to make sure everyone gets a taste of everything. Something like an AP or honors, then I’d focus on going a mile deep.     Q: What do you think the hardest thing will be to get used to at Latin? A: Maybe the size. It’s a lot smaller than what I’m used to dealing with.   Q: Do you have any student pet peeves? A: Pokemon Go. That’s definitely the biggest one. I was a T.A. at Northwestern right when it was released, so everyone was constantly playing it in class. They try to be subtle about it, but I know what’s going on.   Q: What is your go-to Starbucks order? A: I’d say caramel macchiato.   Q: What was your first impression of Latin? A: My first impression was a very strong sense of community. Everyone seems very close knit and very involved in each other on the whole.   Q: What were you like in high school? A: I kept floating to different interests. I would have my foot in so many clubs, just to try them all out. I eventually found one that I really loved, called “Dear Lisa,” which raised awareness for domestic abuse. There were a lot of them for a while and I ended up becoming president.   Q: Did you do anything particularly exciting this summer? A: One of the classes I T.A.’s for was a board game class, and I got to learn all of this fascinating stuff about board games that I never knew. It was centered around a specific type of board game called a Mega Game—it’s only about a year old and it takes around 80 people and 8 hours to play. It’s part Model U.N., part board game, part role playing. The class was three weeks.]]>