Letter From the Editors: 9/1/16

Welcome back, Romans! We hope you’re as excited to take on the new school year as we are. While you’ve been busy soaking up the last bits of sun, The Forum editorial board has been spending their final days of summer putting together this year’s first issue to keep you up to date with the newest info. This school year welcomes many changes. Mr. Perez is the new Junior Dean, Mrs. Wells is the Interim Assistant Director, and Mr. Greer is the Interim Director of Studies and Professional Development. Additionally, we would like to welcome back seniors Ava Gonzalez and Sofia Mendieta from Study Years Abroad in Spain and France! Stay tuned for our next issue where we will have a welcome back article for our returning students and an interview with the new class deans! If you were among the many students who sat in class today with a new teacher at the board and wanted to get to know them more, check out our new faculty interviews! Want to know what Ms. Rodriguez is all about? Read her interview! Whether you’re a freshman learning to navigate the hallways or a senior wondering how to make it through another year, check out our Latin Life Hacks! You’ll never know what to do when you’re running late to long block unless you read. This year, Maddie Cohen (‘17) and Danielle Martin (‘17) will serve as Editors-in-Chief for the first issue of each month, and Johnny Gross (‘17) and Lauren Salzman (‘18) will edit the second issue. We’ve split up the roles of our managing editor into two parts: El Buchanan (‘18) will be our social media editor, and Iz Gius (‘17) will be another set of eyes on each article as the managing editor. Look out for new issues on the 1st and 15th of every month! As always, feel free to connect with us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with all things Latin. If you like what you see, don’t wait until clubs fair! Contact Maddie Cohen ([email protected]) or Danielle Martin ([email protected]) to write for the next edition.   Stay tuned, The Forum editors ]]>