5 Ways to Stay Focused as Spring Fever Hits

unnamed-1Margo Williams

1.     Set goals; make a list of what needs to get done and what time you’d like it to done by. Goals help make big tasks seem smaller and help prevent procrastination. You’re more likely to remember something that didn’t get crossed off your list if you’ve made a list in the first place!

2.     Take breaks; the Pomodoro Technique consists of taking a five minute break for every twenty-five minutes of doing work. One thirty-minute cycle is called a “Podomoro.” It also includes taking a ten to fifteen minute break every four Pomodoros to reenergize and refocus.

3.     Get exercise; science shows that exercise releases endorphins that make us happier and help us focus. It also can serve as an important transition time between school and homework.

4.     Plan activities where you can enjoy the weather; eating popsicles outside and going to the beach aren’t activities reserved solely for the summer. Utilize your time on the weekend so that you don’t get caught daydreaming about summer during class.

5.     Get sleep! With the sun staying out longer it’s easy to lose track of time and stay up late. Many studies show that sleep helps you retain new information, so be sure to make full use of this cozy studying method by getting as many hours in as you can.