Saying Goodbye to Elly's



MacKenzie Guynn Over the years, Elly’s pancake house has become a large part of the Latin community. In middle school, homerooms trek down the block to enjoy a somewhat rushed meal for their quarterly “homeroom lunch.” High schoolers also make the trip across the street to enjoy the pancakes, milkshakes, and other delicacies–but, while the specific date is unknown, Elly’s will be closing this spring. Elly’s has made quite the reputation for itself. The continuous breakfast service, changing wall color, and delicious food have contributed to making it a destination for most Latin students. Bianca Voss, a freshman, “loves the food and environment at Elly’s.” Its “convenience of being so close to school” has also helped it become a “staple in student life”. It may be sad to see Elly’s leave, but there are always the other locations which Bianca looks “forward to checking out.” Lily Campbell has been going to Elly’s ever since it first opened in 2012, when she was in fifth grade. Venturing over to enjoy an order of French fries before a chorus concert was a tradition that she never wanted to break. As was spilling ketchup on her white shirt just before going on stage in front of her family and friends. Elly’s became one of the biggest parts of her middle school experience as well as an excellent supplier of grasshopper milkshakes. Kenny Moll is new to Latin this year. Coming to Latin, he was “really excited to have the famous Elly’s right across the street” and be able to go there for lunch anytime. But when he heard that it was closing, he realized how unlucky he was. But he’s starting to see why “Latin students have lived off of it” for all of these years, although it’s just annoying that he is only now realizing “how great it is.” Take advantage of Elly’s while you still can, and stock up on all of what Elly’s has to offer before an apartment complex replaces it. After that dreadful day comes, you can still enjoy the atmosphere and food of Elly’s at any of their other locations. But don’t say your goodbyes just yet; we still have time before Elly’s is officially closed. ]]>