Second Semester: Summary by Class

Lucy Limanowski Alas, now is a time of a new year, new beginnings, and most significantly, a new semester. At Latin, many of our high school experiences are universal for obvious reasons, however there is definitely a perspective s on second semester at our school that has significant uniqueness. That being said, what is there to look forward to this semester at Latin? On top that, how contagious really is senioritis? Freshman year; it seems like a big world out there. You’ve already experienced the first day, breaks, finals, tests, dramas, school dances, etc. Now you’re getting the hang of things; getting to know your teachers, where you belong in the cafeteria, your best study spot, where you sit in the theater, your schedule memorized more or less, but still have things to improve (for example, being aware of other people’s space in the hallway and regarding your elders.) This semester for you will seem like a lot of work, but it’s freshman year… you’ll kick yourself later for complaining on your workload now. Sophomore year; you’re not the babies anymore. Thank God. This isn’t your first time around, and you’ve got things down on how this school works. This year definitely is a bit less stressful than last year as you were getting the hang of things. Second semester should be like the first, for the most part (except for the Nazi Mind students…). In high school, sophomore year’s workload is reasonable, honors or not. This semester will be fine. Just don’t think about junior year. Junior year; sink or swim. This second semester is where it all counts, it’s the final push to bring up that not-4.0 GPA if you don’t have it already. Last semester was like a choppy wave, now the responsibility of the ACT, grades, extracurriculars, the onset of college counseling, and social responsibilities– just to name a few– is crashing down. This semester won’t kill anyone, but it definitely will take many to their knees. Just remember that once you get the flow of things, all will be fine. And in June, when you finish school, it’s summer, so use the time wisely. the college process at Latin has been designed to be easy for us as long as we do the minimum work required. Everything is going to be okay. Senior year, you’re done. If you got in somewhere E.D./E.A., you just  need a higher-than-C average and you’re fine. Most schools are closing their admissions, so if you’re not in your top choice yet, the applications will be in sooner rather than later. Senioritis, also, is inevitable. Soon everyone will realize that the past four years of high school will be over, and that college is like high school but awesome in every way. When that kicks in, it’ll feel amazing. Senioritis, for those who need a clear definition, is the mythological medical term for the physical and behavioral occurrences after the mental realization that you don’t have to try anymore. Though the process is relatively gradual and completely painless, most cases reported seem to show symptoms after receiving their final ACT score, and in certain cases, the disease is in full effect when you are well into the second semester as a senior in high school, college, and sweatpants in May. However, the term “senioritis” is misleading in the sense that many believe is occurs to seniors and seniors only. When you finish you first-second semester, or a any tough semester, a test you’d been up studying for, taking that first bite of fried rice/pasta in the cafe, it all releases temporary that same pleasure that we can all relate to. So, second semester; whether it’s your first or fourth, just go with the flow and know it’s all for the better.]]>