An Apology to the Registrars

Noa Rosenberg Dear Mrs. Burke and Mr. O’Toole, On behalf of the Forum and the rest of the student body who have stormed your office and filled your emails with seemingly impossible scheduling requests for the semester, I am so so sorry. At one time or another in a high school career, we are all bound to find ourselves faced with a block-based dilemma. A class conundrum. And who do we turn to? You, our trusty registrars. Whether it’s a last minute arts credit or a long-time secret passion for photography just realized, it’s clear that there’s a place to come to. Thank you for creating and inevitably rearranging hundreds of schedules (and making it look easy). Thank you for heeding requests when we show up flustered at your door. Thank you for using your winter breaks to make sure that we all have classes to go to when we come back. Most of all, thank you for keeping level heads in situations where the other party might not be as level-headed. As add-drop period comes to a close, I hope that you get some time soon to relax and find some peace away from talk of credits and cycles. Sorry again, All of Us]]>