The Adventures of Summer at Latin

Lauren Zimmerman Fresh off of winter break, we face vitamin D deficiencies and the difficulties of getting back into the rhythm of life at Latin. However, once we begin to think about the future again, we realize that long weekends and project weeks are just around the corner. Those who are really motivated will imagine summer activities and a breath of fresh air that won’t feel like someone put your lungs in an ice bucket. Fortunately, for those who plan ahead or for students with a tendency to forget about summer planning until June 1, there are the Summer at Latin camps. Over 600 kids from all over the Chicago area participate in non-credit courses, tech camps, and sports camps. For many Latin students, the variety of camps and trips organized have been an educational experience. Those who consider themselves too old to participate in the camp (although it is open to children 3-18 years of age) have the opportunity to work with kids of all ages. When asked about her experience at Summer at Latin, senior Anabel Mendoza said, “What attracted me most about the Summer at Latin day camp program was the opportunity to work with young kids and having the opportunity to plan activities, take them on field trips, and connect with some of the other counselors.” For many Latin students, the Summer at Latin camp allows them to work with kids on topics and activities that might spark their own interests and introduce them to new people and ideas. Not only does Summer at Latin include a variety of camps, but every year there is a summer trip organized with Latin school faculty participating. This year, lucky campers will get to go to Michigan from June 12-16 and spend time golfing, sightseeing, and doing math with Latin’s very own Mr. McArthur and Mr. Newmark. The road trip includes visiting dunes and playing up to 5 rounds of golf while employing math in the game. The yearly organized trips are an added bonus for campers and counselors alike who, if they participate, get some educational experience on top of a little fun in the sun. While the camps and trips at Summer at Latin are attractive, Anabel Mendoza reveals that what was really special throughout her experience was the opportunity to develop relationships with children of all ages including her fellow counselors. “My favorite part of my experience working at Summer at Latin was that I was able to meet so many different kids and really get to know them during those weeks,” said Anabel. “As I was once a camper at Summer at Latin and now that I’m a counselor, I understand that it was establishing those relationships with the kids that made the summer so special.” So for those of you procrastinate summer planning or who simply have no plans, Summer at Latin may be the perfect place to spend time. Between meeting new people, building relationships, and sharing your interests with kids, there is bound to be something in it for everybody.]]>