Humans of Latin

Lily Campbell and Sophie Furlow DSC_0008 Zavella Sanders What do you think is the real problem with the youth of America today? “One: too much drama. Two: grow a spine. And that’s it.” DSC_0007 Ram Fedell When is the last time you laughed? Friend: “You laughed today! I told you a joke.” Ram: “I laughed?” DSC_0005 Ms. Ross If you were a crayon color, what would you be and why?

“I think I am a rainbow crayon. I am a gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual activist, and as an artist, I believe all colors have meaning.”


Charlotte Cronister

“Stegosauruses [would beat a grizzly bear] because they’re cooler and they’re extinct, so if they came back to life, they would have super magical powers. My favorite entree combination for Thanksgiving is turkey and cranberry sauce, and dessert is pumpkin pie and whipped cream.”


Henry Markarian

“My favorite Thanksgiving memory is eating turkey with the family. On Thanksgiving. With my family. And all my cousins and people like that, we all have turkey and we stuff it with Armenian stuff and just eat that.”