Mr. Haverland’s CTA Wedding

Grace Coberly and Noa Rosenberg  Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you have probably seen the video of art teacher Mr. Haverland getting married on a CTA train. He and his wife, Carla Mae, wanted to have two weddings—one in Chicago and one in the Philippines. They knew they wanted one to be a beach wedding, but upon realizing that their nuptials would be taking place in October, the happy couple decided to have their seaside affair on the Philippine island of Cebu. That only left the question of what to do here. Mr. Haverland wanted a way to have a unique and urban wedding. It was then that he stumbled upon an article about chartering CTA trains for private events. It was clear to both of them that this was the perfect venue, and they began work on planning the event. “It was one of the most unique, most beautiful weddings I’ve ever been to,” said drama teacher Ms. Steenveld-Hamilton of the event that began at the Fullerton Red Line stop, where guests congregated to wait for the train. It would have seemed like any other work day, had it not been for their formal attire. The three-and-a-half hour ceremony started promptly when the train pulled away from the station. Unfortunately, not all of the guests made it onto the train. Ms. McGlinn left the station’s restroom just in time to watch the lights disappear down the tunnel. She and her husband went out to lunch, saw a movie, and attended the reception later that day to congratulate the happy couple. So far as his thoughts, Mr. Haverland was more than content with the day, saying that it went very smoothly, right down to their finalizing their vows over the river. It sounds like everything stayed right on track for their perfect Chicago nuptials!  ]]>