Running Fast: Girls Track 2010

Mehr Singh Co-Sports Editor We have all seen our Latin track team running miles and miles, out of breath, no matter what conditions they have to bare. Now, most of us would think that it’s crazy to run in 40 degree weather when its raining, but it seems as though the track team’s perseverance and determination has paid off…well at least for the girls team at sectionals. This year, 15 athletes from Latin went down to St. Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois, for sectionals. After a lot of preparation and hard work, Reba Orloff, a freshman, explained, “ I was nervous at first for sectionals, but after realizing how much work we all had put in, to make the team better, it made me a lot more comfortable.” That hard work definitely paid off, when Latin won 4th place overall at the meet! Not only did Latin do very well as a team, but also some individuals broke records. JJ Jarik, a senior and one of the captains of the team, explained, “ Julia Buford broke the school two mile record by 2 seconds (was 11:33 minutes and is now 11:31 minutes) and I broke the 100 M Hurdle record (was 17.93 seconds and is now 17.36 seconds). I think that was all for record breaking at sectionals. We had a bunch of people break records overall this season including Taylor Golub breaking the Long Jump record, Dami Oyeyipo breaking her own High Jump record and I think that was it. If the records weren’t broken, people certainly came close!” While the team had great results at sectionals, they also had a great time. Kira Cole, a senior and one of the captains of the team, said, “ The experience was great. Being on the team for 4 years and captain for the past two, the meet really meant a lot to me seeing as it was my last one ever. I was really proud of all the girls for both competing and trying their hardest, as well as showing up and cheering one another on whether or not they were even competing. It was definitely the hardest competitive we’ve seen all season, and we definitely showed the bigger schools that we were a force to be reckoned with!” After the meet, the team proceeded to have more fun as JJ Jarik described, “We all went to Culver’s after the meet which was obviously entertaining and fun.” With those great results, Julia Buford and Taylor Golub went to state and did a great job. Julia finished 2nd in the entire state for the 3200-meter run, and  9th in state for the 1600-meter run.]]>