Switching Up the Shadow Days

Chris Maurice   We all remember coming to Latin on our shadow day. For most of us it was the first real taste of what life at Latin was like. This year, however, the mandatory shadow days are being replaced with an optional tour. But why? According to Ms. Salzman there were many flaws with the old way of doing things. One of those flaws was that prospective students would be applying to multiple high schools, having to attend multiple shadow days, and missing up to a week of school. Another problems was a student who was interested in playing soccer and taking French would get matched up with a student who played soccer had, but had long block Chinese, or sometimes shadows would be with students who had three frees in one day. The new tours would eliminate these problems and the admissions team hopes that other high schools in the Chicagoland area will soon follow.   The main goal of this endeavor is to run the new tour program more efficiently. Ms. Salzmann knows a lot about giving tours, she has been giving tours of Latin for 10 years, and she know that the best way to show off Latin is through the eyes of the students because they can show the school in the best light. These tours are designed so prospective students and parents can see just how special Latin is. Students will also be able to see everything that the school offers, whereas if students did not have a class in the science center is was unlikely that the shadow would have gotten the chance to see it.   Ms. Salzman says the response from Latin students has been incredible and overwhelming. Over 130 tenth, eleventh and twelfth graders signed up to give tours. So many students signed up that Ms. Salzman had to create a waitlist. The high interest shows how Latin students want to show off their school: not for personal gain but because they love it and be a part of the process. Because of the amazing response from students, the admissions team wants to match up two students with one family. The benefit of this is that now prospective parents and students will get a better rounded view of the school.   Ms. Salzman made sure to clarify that shadow days are not going away. Once students find out they are accepted there will be several days in March for those students to come and visit the school. Since the amount of students coming to visit is smaller it will be easier to match a student who are interested in soccer and French with a student who plays soccer and takes French. Ms. Salzman, and the rest of the admissions staff, knows that these new tours will not only help prospective students and their families see the best of what Latin has to offer but also help students giving tours tour with public speaking skills and allow them to hone in on their leadership skills social and interpersonal skills. If any sophomores, juniors, or seniors are interested in becoming a tour guides you can join the waitlist here (add link)]]>