To the Juniors:

Make the best of your time this year. Use your frees. If you’re efficient during the school day and don’t procrastinate, you shouldn’t have to spend your weekends doing school work. Use the weekends to rest and socialize. Don’t stay up late talking with your friends. Don’t stay up late doing school work either. It’s better to get some decent sleep and ask for an extension (or take the late penalty) than be exhausted. Build meaningful relationships with your teachers so you’re motivated to do the work and they know you’re doing your best. Enjoy the last semester before the college process starts. Take the ACT early to get it out of the way. Study and practice as much as you need to, but don’t stress out about it more than it deserves. If you don’t get asked to prom, it’s not a big deal. Prom is overrated. Don’t get sucked into FOMO (fear of missing out). Make your own choices, whether that means going to prom or skipping it. Live your own life, not someone else’s. Don’t worry if you don’t get into an Honors or AP class you were hoping for. They can seem really important from inside the Latin bubble, but in the bigger picture of education in the US, all our classes are really challenging and are preparing us well for college. You’re not falling behind. Make sure to turn in your PE ISP forms. Look at where you are now and where you want to be senior year. Are you headed into any leadership positions? How can you prepare for them? Do you want to do a Senior Project? Try to balance planning for the future (senior roles, Senior Project, the college process) with living in the present. Don’t only do things because they’ll look good on your college app. Landis Advisory, Class of 2016   Dear Juniors, Get ready for a fun and busy year. Having more choices with your classes is a great perk of being a junior, so make sure you take advantage of that. However, be sure to take enough classes to fulfill your credits, especially for gym and art. And look out for honors pre-calc—you have to talk more than you expect. Don’t procrastinate on your homework. Don’t procrastinate on your college counseling work. Don’t procrastinate. Finally starting the college process can be a fun thing. Make sure you talk to your college counselor about any questions you might have. Be sure to have a testing plan in place; we recommend taking your SAT II tests in June. And lastly, the junior bay is objectively the best lounge. Take advantage of the physical closeness with your peers to talk to people you don’t usually talk to. And the stress will let you bond with more people and develop closer friendships. Junior year is a great time to make friends. DON’T take senior treats. Good luck, The Kim Advisory   To the Juniors: Here are some short pieces of advice for your upcoming year:

  1. First semester matters!
  2. Join a club, stay involved
  3. Consider what an ideal college for you looks like
  4. Don’t be easily convinced in the college process
  5. Seek multiple opinions regarding the college process
  6. Do your best to enjoy junior year, most of the stress isn’t real!
Good Luck, The Carpenter Advisory   Dear Juniors, The advisory formerly known as the Chang Advisory (currently known as the (S)Kelley Advisory (patent pending)) would like to offer you, the grade formerly known as the Sophomore Grade (currently known as the Junior Grade) of Latin School of Chicago, some advice. Buckle up, you’re in for a ride. 1.) Study for the ACT as soon as you can, and take the ACT as soon as you feel ready. The most important part of this is that you have the ability to re-take as much as you feel like you need (depending on what school you are looking at). Don’t worry about getting a “bad” score, because you can get that back up in the time between tests. 2.) If you have not yet formed a strong relationship with one of your teachers, do so! Not only will they be able to write your recommendation when it is that time, you will have a mentor and friend with whom you can discuss your academic worries (or lack thereof). 3.) Own two or three plain white shirts. They’re a good investment. 4.) Fear not! The more menacing members of the senior grade think about you a lot less than you think they do. Don’t hold back because you’re worried about how you’re perceived. 5.) Watch more documentaries. Always a good idea. 6.) Pick at least one book to read for pleasure and make it your goal to finish it over the course of the year. 7.) Keep up to date on current events, it always yields a great discussion.   We leave you with this- Junior year is defined as when everything starts, and that is true. However, do not feel obliged to stress about every little thing. Focus on yourself, make choices that give yourself more options, take advantage of the resources offered to you, meet with your teachers even if you don’t want to (fill up your free periods!), and eat well. We’ve got great food here, you guys, for real. Love, The (S)Kelley Advisory   To the Juniors:
  • Get your college counseling homework (surveys) done early. Get them all done! Don’t procrastinate because you think that your profile has to be a complete description of who you are as a person. You are continuing to grow and change…it’s okay.
  • Write your college essays and supplements over the summer.
  • Take some standardized tests done early…any time before senior year! Take them when you feel ready, but be sure to take them seriously. Take some practice tests ahead of time. If you qualify, be sure to ask about accommodations (including the accommodation for testing over multiple days.
  • Keep seeing your teachers even though you are an upper classman.
  • RELAX! (But if you are a chill person anyway, don’t OVER relax)
  • Go to more sporting events and other extracurriculars to support your friends.
  • Do the readings for HUSH! It works well to do the readings for the week over the previous weekend so then you don’t have HUSH homework during the week.
  • Don’t try to pet a grizzly bear, but you can pet a Bryce (ask first).
  • Talking in front of the whole school isn’t as scary as you think.
  • If you haven’t already, find study and note-taking methods that work for you. Hunter says there is no shame in using a Trapper Keeper.
Fondly, Mr. Legendre’s Advisory   Dear Class of 2017:   Here is some advice to guide you through this year: If you are going to say you will do your homework, actually do it! Don’t fake it, get stuff done early. Be honest with yourself about your time, don’t kid yourself. Take care of yourself, know when to step away, make yourself a priority. Let seniors get food first Don’t make mountains out of mole hills When you are picking teachers for recommendations, go early to see them, like as soon as possible. Get to know your teachers, go see them. –The Perez Advisory   Dear Juniors,         The following information will help you relax, so pay attention:
  1.     Relax about standardized testing. You are better equipped with all of the resources available to your advantage in this regard than the average American high school student. You are doing great, keep it up.
  2.     Consider taking a day off of an extracurricular if needed. You will appreciate this day and will (presumably) get more done than you expect – treat yo’self!
  3.     Drink as much water as coffee – you’ll otherwise get a headache.
  4.     Be prepared for having to drink coffee more frequently than before. It’s a natural progression of lifestyle habits throughout your junior year. If you need it, you need it – don’t deny the facts.
  5.     IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS: DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK A SENIOR. Trust us, we wished we felt that was available to us last year and years prior. Do not hesitate!
 Sincerely, The Seniors of Ms. Diorio’s advisory.   Juniors, “First semester is fairly easy but brace yourself for second semester because it really hits you in the face.” “Get testing done earlier.” “Do what you love.” “Set aside a lot of time to prepare for pre-calc tests.” Good Luck! Mr. Phipp’s advisory   To the Juniors: 1.Start your college process early, plan out everything(college tests,visits,AP test etc..)
  1. Balance your school work with extra curricular/sports.
– Complete homework on time -Don’t be afraid to ask for extensions on projects.Teachers are more flexible than you think. – Talk to your friends and get some advice on good study habits that work for them.
  1. Don’t complain too much because you will lose credibility with your teachers.
  2. Prioritize schoolwork over extracurriculars, but don’t stop doing
what you enjoy doing outside of academics.
  1. Work diligently on standardized testing.
  2. Don’t get complacent
  3. Get a good sleep schedule.
  4. work hard at relationships with teachers and friends
Stay on top of homework and try to take the standardized tests as soon as possible so you don’t have to do it senior year or at the end of the year during exams. Also make sure to make time to study for the ACT or SAT because it’s worth it if you only have to take it once. Don’t wait for the last minute on assignments. Plan ahead. Have fun!   Don’t let the little things get to you. Believe that you are capable, because you are. If you do your best, you should be proud, no matter the result. Know that you are good enough and being who you are, not who you think others want you to be, will help be your happiest.   Dear Juniors, 1) Do your work. The is one of the most important years in High School. 2) Study for your ACT/SAT. 3) Meet with College Counseling. 4) Thank Ms. Vela! 5) EMBRACE LR!! Study. You probably don’t want to and it may not seem like you need to because you don’t get a lot of homework but you need to study. When the quiz and test come up you will regret not studying. Don’t stress…  I know that seems crazy because it’s junior year but if you stress you will go crazy. Have a fun year, The Choi Advisory   Class of 2017: This year is known as being super stressful and college-filled. Don’t worry about it. It’s only as stressful as you want to make it. Don’t get all wrapped up in college stuff, do your work and you’ll be completely fine. It’ll all work out, it’s just another year, enjoy it! It can be really fun if you want it to be, recognize when you need to take a break and relax, it’s as important as doing all your work. Here are some specific tips too:
  1. Enjoy having the cafeteria and library on your floor
  2. Stay organized (stay on top of your work and keep calendars)
  3. Don’t think about college ALL the time (there will be enough of that later)
  4. Have fun (don’t be afraid to get out there!)
  5. Be happy—enjoy the perks of being an upperclassman
Have fun this year! Sincerely, Your lovely seniors of an undisclosed advisory]]>