To the Freshmen:

Here is some advice that will help you with your first year of high school!  

  1. Get to know your new peers. Introduce yourself, say hi to them in the halls, etc.
  2. Know when your body/mind needs a break and take time to rest when you need to so you’re able to do your best
  3. Try to join a club/team/affinity group because it could help expose you to new friends and experiences
  4. Keep your homework managed … don’t procrastinate!
  5. Plan ahead. Think about your upcoming days and avoid cramming
  6. Don’t make assumptions about people and activities. Give them time before you make a judgement
  7. Meet, meet, meet with your teachers!
  8. Work during free periods
  9. Do not stress out if you don’t get the grade you want. It is really not the end of the world.’
  All the best, The Gallagher advisory   To the Freshmen: There are so many things I wish I knew as a freshman. First of all, don’t be afraid to meet with your teachers outside of class/during your frees. Some them may seem scary but the love when their students take initiative and aren’t afraid to ask questions. Asking questions instead of holding them back makes everything easier. Trust me. Next, the whole “having to get good grades” thing can get overwhelming, but make sure to put things in perspective. Don’t worry about your grades every day, give yourself a break! Focus on understanding the material and getting the most out of the class. That’ll serve you best in the long run. JOIN CLUBS!!! I didn’t do that until sophomore year, but I wish I had started sooner. Here’s the most important one of all: TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE CAFETERIA. Salads are not sufficient—don’t get blind-sided by the beauty of the salad bar. Go check out that sweet sandwich station and especially the action station. Get to lunch early on pasta and risotto days. That’s all we’ve got, The Lombardo advisory   P.S. Billy Lombardo is a cool guy. Say hi to him in the halls or in the writing center   Dear Freshies! Welcome to the Upper School! We have some advice for you to make your transition into high school a little smoother.
  • Do your homework! Use your free periods to get work done. Showing up to class without homework definitely has its consequences!
  • Join a club or find a sport to play, it’s a great way to meet upperclass students and get involved in the community.
  • Be friendly to the new kids. Imagine how hard it is to be a new kid at a new school.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to teachers and ask them for help. People want to help you, but you should advocate for yourself.
  • Pay attention and listen in your classes and during gatherings.
HAVE FUN!!!! The Amankona Advisory: Tomi Akisanya, Lily Block, Mandy Duncan, Mary Heglin, Lena Hoplamazian, Alec Kotler, Aaron Margulis, Bailey Mitchell, Charlie Moss, and Simon Stephanos   Dear New Freshpeople: Some things the Schneider advisory thinks you should know about your Freshperson year. You should probably have a free period in addition to your global cities arts free, especially if you have extensive after school commitments. Meet with your teachers outside of class early in the year and form relationships with them. Talk to people. Put yourself out there. Join at least one school affiliated extra-curricular activity. if you leave campus, make sure you have time to do what you are planning and still make it back by your next class. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, Senior Treats are for seniors – don’t take them! The Schneider Advisory   Dear Freshies, Welcome to the upper school! We hope you have a great year and we wanted to give you some advice. First of all, GO TO LUNCH as early as you can because the lines get really long (But don’t sit at the sophomore booths). Take classes that YOU want to take and are passionate about. Use your frees for homework instead of going to Starbucks. Sit in the cafeteria or your dean’s office instead of the hallways. Don’t be afraid to email a teacher for a meeting if you are having trouble in class. Don’t procrastinate (especially on your service hours). Hope you have fun this year! Good Luck, The Hayman/ Segreti Advisory   Hi freshmen, As we reflect on our time as freshmen last year, we wanted to give you some advice that will make your lives easier in the long run. – Come to lunch early!  You’ll wait in a long line if you don’t. – Use your frees well – don’t just hang out….get stuff done! – Sleep – Get ahead in global cities – the free that comes alongside the art part should be used for the project otherwise, you’ll fall behind pretty quickly. – Do sports or extracurricular activity.  It will help you to build healthy relationships/friendships outside of the classroom and your grade level. – Don’t freak out or obsess about grades.  Do the work and you’ll be fine. Figure out your interests and let those guide your choices and ultimately, your college career. – Meet with teachers.  They are approachable. Don’t be afraid to confide in them.  They can be super helpful. Have fun and good luck!!! The Durant Advisory   Dearest Class of 2019, Here are some short pieces of advice for your upcoming year: The answers to tests are different. Don’t use the same ones as 8th grade. Talk to your teachers. A LOT. Get your electives done early Do a sport. Or any extra-curricular activities. Just get involved! Choose your electives based on what you like, not what your friends choose. Keep an open mind. Do something out of your comfort zone. Relax. It’ll be all right. You’re a smart person if you’re at Latin, so do your best and you’ll be successful. Don’t take senior treats! All the best,    The Lea Advisory   Dear Class of 2019, The Legendre homeroom thoughtfully offers up the following advice as you navigate your first year in the upper school:   Academic
  1. Teachers
    1. Don’t be afraid to reach out to teachers if you need help.
    2. If you can’t meet with a teacher in person, you can email them your questions because they can help you.
    3. Tell your teacher if the workload is too much and ask for help –Be truthful about if you are struggling so your parents/teachers can help you.
  2. Do your homework
  3. If you don’t understand, ask other people in your class questions
  4. Take notes and participate in class because it will help you understand what you are learning and help you be prepared for a quiz or test.
  1. Respect other grades’ unwritten rules– sit in the upper level of the cafeteria and NOT in the booths, don’t eat senior snacks, don’t sit in other classes’ lounges
  2. Talk to older kids, we aren’t scary. Everybody is very friendly.
  3. Take advantage of joining clubs and electives because they integrate you into the Latin community and are a lot of fun!
  4. Branch out of your normal social group
  5. Don’t be afraid to walk down the senior hallway.
Time Management
  1. Learn how to use your frees.
  2. If you have a lot of work to do or a commitment after school, make sure you plan your time in advance so that you don’t end up cramming.
  3. To be more efficient, learn what kind of work you are good and bad at doing at school.
  4. If you have to stay up past 11 at night doing homework, ask your teacher for an extension and talk to them about the amount work given in class.
  Mrs. Legendre’s Advisory  ]]>