Meet the New Deans


This year, Mr. Woods has replaced Mr. Tebbens as junior dean and Ms. Wells has joined the incoming freshmen as theirs. While they are already familiar faces in the Latin community, they both are ready to share new ideas and implement big plans as they take on their positions. Read below to find out more! MR. WOODS DEAN OF THE CLASS OF 2017 unnamed “I applied for the position to get to know the students in a non-evaluative capacity.” “I am most excited to get to know the approximately 70 juniors who I don’t already know now.” “There will be no eating in the office, mostly because of allergies. It will be open door policy, but I will close the door one period a day. We’re also going to have quiet time for those students who thrive in a more serene environment.” “Coming out of our retreat, I want us to identify a problem within the school community and develop a solution. And achieve global peace.   MS. WELLS DEAN OF CLASS OF 2019 Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 9.09.46 PM “I wanted [to be Dean] to see the school and the students in a different way.” “I am most excited to to get to know and have conversations with students without the anxiety of being a teacher.” “My office is open to having small conversations and to do work. I don’t think it’s that healthy to be screaming and jumping up and down all the time. It will be a place to come and quietly work because I don’t think there are a lot of those places in this building. Students can quietly have conversations with me or even each other. I moved the furniture around so you can just face each other and I can be totally out of it. I see it as just a place to retreat from the school.” “I really want from the start for this grade to see themselves as a unit and to take care of each other. Kids have a better way of taking care of each other when it comes to stress and anxiety than adults do. If we can create systems and relationships where people can actually reach out to each other when they’re in crisis, then that’s the goal.” “We’re actually going to journal a lot. I feel like teenagers have this crazy experience where you’re always really stressed out and you don’t really know how to handle that. You make it worse by holding it all and think that that’s all normal and it’s not. Then when you say it out loud to someone who’s going through the same things- the same high school experience- you think it’s not that big of a deal. A teacher can say that, an adult can say that, but it doesn’t mean the same thing.”]]>