A "No" to the Snow Days

Lauren Salzman “Snow days are the best…once in a while, to spend extra time with the people you love.” Linda Bubala – Latin Parent/Employee   With a bone-chilling cold front passing through Chicago, hundreds of schools have been closing, but the Latin School…we’re still going strong. The reasoning for many closings, and CPS in particular, is that administrators fear for the kids who have to wait at bus stops or train stations. With -30 degree wind chills, everyone is afraid of getting frostbite. It was estimated by meteorologists that exposure on bare skin for only 7-10 minutes could cause frostbite. Another significant concern is that some public schools’ heating systems aren’t sufficient. The majority of Latin students have a safe way to get to school in the mornings and afternoons. But, there was still a fair share of kids who had to take public transportation on the recent three frigid winter days. Freshman Alexa Ramirez, who takes the CTA to school, said, “The CTA became a burden as a method of commuting. It made getting to school very challenging.” So although she got to school safe, it sure was not easy. However, the administration was surprised that there were less absences than they expected. About 10-12 kids were absent each day. And these absences were also due to illnesses, trips, etc. So based on the numbers, the school’s decision to stay open was supported. Interestingly, some Latin students started a petition for school to be cancelled on Friday the 9th. Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on what side you fall on), the petition did not have enough signatures to cause action, but it definitely united the student body. One could question the argument behind the petition though. It was worded that it was because our inclusive community did not want to make it unfair for kids who could not get rides to school. But one could argue that it was because the Latin students just wanted to have an extra day to sleep in, but who really knows. On Friday, some kids were rambling on about the freezing temperatures, and the need to wear three jackets to school, but others did not seem to mind. The main buzz around the building was that St. Ignatius got the day off and we DIDN’T!! But there were also some kids who didn’t think much of it. It was a Friday, and they just wanted to get through the last day of a long, controversial and, of course, cold week. The teachers were somewhat split on their opinions, too. Some were chipper and eager to teach some not-so-eager students, but some were wishing for that day off. Jenny Stevens, the high school counselor, put it nicely when she said, “I was perfectly happy to have school Wednesday and Thursday, but I would have loved to have school off today [Friday]…I’m cold.” But let’s remember this stretch of freezing days and remember that we all got through it…even though we just wanted to stay at home and have a date with Netflix. With “warmer” days ahead, who knows if there will be any more snow day opportunities. This next week should stay above zero…I guess we can consider that summer.  ]]>