It's Murder Night!

Noa Rosenberg

A few weeks ago, the upper school convened for an assembly that took up part of C block (much to the chagrin of some teachers), to watch a play performed by students from Goldberg-Gymnasium, a school in Sindelfingen, Germany. It was a mystery which boasted many twists and turns and was, very impressively, performed entirely in English. Afterwards, the performers and their teachers visited classes and met with Latin students, with some of us even joining them to see Million Dollar Quartet later at the Apollo Theater.

Ms. Dorer, who took a large role in coordinating the event along with Mr. Teolis, described the arduous process of putting the matter together, saying that the planning began when, about a year ago, one of the teachers at Goldberg-Gymnasium was looking for a school abroad that would be welcoming of their English theater program. In trying to do this, they contacted Mr. Teolis, who passed it on to Ms. Dorer, who began a conversation about details for anything from the necessary lighting cues to what to do for fun in Chicago.

When asked about what she hoped the aftermath of the play would look like, Ms. Dorer said that she “hopes that this will provide future cultural exchange and performance opportunities.” According to her, these could be the Latin band and chorus performing at Goldberg-Gymnasium, as well as Latin students doing a play of their own there. She hopes, overall, that this will begin a relationship between our schools and spark many more events whether they be in Chicago or Sindelfingen.