Java with Jess and Viry: Rishav Dasgupta

By Jess Mora and Viry Ayala For this issue of the Forum we decided to interview a new face to the Upper School—someone amiable, someone fresh. This year, Rishav Dasgupta has found a home in the Class of 2018, where he has made new friends (particularly with a writing course he took with Summer at Latin) and been able to share his hobbies with the Latin community.  Though his Latin career has just begun, Rishav has wasted no time in working on his two goals for high school: to “get better at golf and learn more about astronomy.” This season he played on the golf team and created the Astronomy Club with Mr. Coberly as faculty advisor.  Astronomy is a hobby he developed ever since he started stargazing with his dad every summer in Lake Geneva. Rishav is excited share his love and knowledge for stars with the community and interest others in the topic. Excited to talk about his devotion to golf, Rishav described his first impressions of the team.  He admitted that everyone is “very welcoming, especially the captains Knox Montgomery, Joey Sallerson, and Will Vander Weele.” One of Rishav’s fondest moments on the course was back in India (this is his third year in Chicago!) where he hit his longest drive-320 yards.  He hopes to continue working on drive on the team this year, as he admits “there’s always something to work on.” In accordance with his love for golf, Rishav’s greatest moment at Latin so far was at the Pep Rally when Will Vander Weele and Joey Sallerson brought him out for golf announcements (it’s Roman Gov’s new profile picture!). He recalls it as “ a very heartfelt moment” and one that he will always remember. Spirit week was also a very entertaining week for Rishav. He not only played sax in the band, but was also able to see the “behind the scenes” of the Pep Rally. Among Rishav’s favorite activities, the pie-eating contest was the most amusing, though he notes that he would’ve liked actual pie. Pajama day and grade apparel day were also Rishav’s most-liked days, especially when Mr. Lea resembled a Target salesman (his admits his advisory made the week all the more enjoyable!). When asked how he wanted to be remembered, Rishav explained that he was unsure since he “wasn’t fifty yet,” though he notes that he would like people to remember him as “friendly.” Rishav’s great sense of humor and ambitious character made it a pleasure to get to know more about him. So, if you see Rishav around (maybe making an Astronomy club announcement) or happen to have him in one of your classes, be sure to talk to him—you never know what interesting stories he’ll share (or ask him about pulsars, he’s very knowledgeable on the topic).  ]]>