Cambodia Shirt Sale Announcement

Every year that Ms. Ross has gone with students to Cambodia she takes students to a school there with teens our age. Every year the school has certain requests that we try to meet and this year it’s raising enough money to give them WiFi. This isn’t an easy task because the school isn’t close to any major cities and none of the villages around there have WiFi either. In order to raise money for WiFi we have decided to sell shirts fabulously designed by Isabela Artola. The shirts are each fifteen dollars and go to an absolutely amazing cause. We will be selling them up until Project Week or until they sell out. We are also, of course, accepting donations if you don’t want to pay fifteen dollars for a shirt. That said, the design is a very fun and unisex pattern: the shirts are a light orange and are perfect for spirit Fridays. We also hope to be able to donate things like computers, old Latin gear, art materials, etc… And if anyone has anything they would like to donate we will be putting out a bin in the next coming weeks. Thanks for supporting our efforts to provide for teens who aren’t quite as fortunate as us.]]>