Welcome Alex Kenworthy, Latin's Newest Student

photo   Brianna Yang  

Both friendly and open-minded, new sophomore, Alex Kenworthy, is adjusting well to life at Latin. Originally from Columbus Academy in Columbus, Ohio, Alex is the sixth Alex to join the 10th grade. He is an impressive athlete—he plays both soccer and lacrosse—but he also enjoys taking photos in his spare time.

Alex is excited to be moving to Chicago because he had previously lived in the suburbs, but he is nervous about having to make new connections and adjusting to a new school. He is an avid learner of math and science; he is most looking forward to reaping the amenities of the Upper School science center and the stellar math department. In his first tour at Latin, he observed that students and teachers are very friendly and open with one another and that this was the impression of Latin that really stuck with him. He commented that he is very impressed with the cafeteria so far, particularly with the sandwiches and the “daily rotation of very good food.”

Although he is still acclimating to Latin, Alex is eager to become involved in school activities. While he is somewhat unaware of what clubs Latin has to offer, he would like to find a club that will suit his interests. Many teachers and students have already remarked that Alex is a great kid who makes a fantastic and welcome addition to the Latin community. If you happen to see Alex wandering in the hallways or standing in line waiting for a sandwich in the cafeteria, know that he’s extremely polite and nice and please offer him a warm welcome.]]>