Coffee with Chris: Interview with Maggie Odier

This edition of Coffee with Chris, I interviewed senior Maggie Odier. We had just enough time in-between cramming for tests and meetings with teachers to make the freezing walk to Starbucks and grab some drinks to warm us up, because it felt like it was -122 degrees outside.

As Maggie drank her peppermint latte she told me a little about herself. She has an older brother who is a sophomore at University of Iowa and she went to grade school at Morgan Park Academy (MPA) where she graduated with a class size of 40 kids. Maggie said it was as if she always knew everyone’s business, and she was ready to get out of there and come to Latin.

This is Maggie’s first year traveling out of town for project week, and she will be going to Ireland. As expected, she is super excited, especially because she loves the teachers and the kids that are joining her on this cultural journey. Last year Maggie wanted to go to Spain, but ended up with a choice that kept her in Chicago. Maggie also expressed her love for the new smoothie bar that has been introduced to the Latin School of Chicago. Even a cold day can’t hold Maggie back from a nice smoothie that will make her feel like she is lying out on a beach in a pleasant warm place.

Maggie had a great Christmas break: she gets to see her brother, spend time with close family friends that she practically grew up with, and stuff her stomach with the best food she has had all year. Once Thanksgiving passes, Maggie gets into the Christmas mode. She can’t help it! She loves baking cookies, getting up the tree, and, of course, receiving presents. She got some good ones this year!

One thing Maggie and I have in common is that we both go to the same church, of which I had no idea. We discussed what makes church fun, or boring, and our mothers failed attempts to try to sing along. Maggie also loves kids: this summer she worked at a summer camp in the middle of nowhere Indiana, where she only got paid $2 an hour. But, regardless, she fell in love with the kids that were in her group and had a blast doing it. She also teaches kids how to swim on Saturdays with the Learn to Swim program that is run through Latin.

Maggie can relate to so many things and is a great person to talk to. She is tough, she is smart, and she is funny.  I wish her luck as she closes out the end of her high school career and that she enjoys it as well.    ]]>