Coffee with Chris

Chris Maurice

We all know Miya Coleman from the great cheer she came up with for our 125-anniversary and her awesome dreads, but I wanted to get to know her a bit more. I caught up with her just as she was getting ready to leave school, and she happily accepted to join me for some coffee. After the short walk to Starbucks through the raging wind, Miya, being the kind person that she is, insisted on buying her own Starbucks drink.  

We started our interview talking about how we only like to get iced drinks at Starbucks, but that in the winter cold drinks can get a bit annoying. The only hot drink we like at Starbucks is their hot chocolate, and neither of us was in the mood for it. This talking point moved into how we both hate the cold. Miya said the snow is pretty when it falls down, but when it melts and gets on your shoes it gets annoying. All in all, Miya is not looking forward to the cold months that us Chicagoans are going to have to endure over the next 4 months. Miya told me about her tennis season, which sadly ended last week at state. Miya is a doubles player and says in order to be a good doubles team, you must have good chemistry and understand each other’s moves. Her and her partner Victoria Lancaster must have perfect chemistry because they were able to make it all the way to State. Congrats, guys!


One thing I learned about Miya is that she loves to dance! When she hits the dance floor she just can’t help herself and busts out all kinds of cool moves. When I told Miya that I wasn’t the best dancer, she stressed the importance of practicing dancing so that when you get on the dance floor you know what you are doing. As the interview continued I learned that Miya and I had tons in common; not only do we both love iced Starbucks drinks, but we both are obsessed with Starbucks cake pops and wish Green Apple Skittles would just return to being lime. How random!


Miya also discussed some great books, one of which was Into the Wild—one of the best books she has ever read. When I asked her what it was about she said, “Well it’s about a boy… who goes into the wild,” and that was good enough for me! Miya is also one of the Junior Reps and says that one of her goals this year is to make the junior class more spirited. One of her methods of doing this is to buy blue and orange bean bags and put them into the junior lounge. Will it work? Who knows, but I wish her the best of luck. Miya also enjoys attending the Student Diversity meetings, where students of color are able to express their thoughts on the Latin community. She loves being a part of it.


As we headed back to school Miya and I witnessed a rear end collision, which was scary to say the least. Trying to stay away from the conflict, Miya and I just kept walking, acting like nothing ever happened. We closed with Miya telling me that she doesn’t care what people think about her, she is just trying to be herself. Miya was a great person to interview for this edition of Starbucks with Chris: her personality and outgoingness is great! Though Miya might hope I’ll practice my dance moves, I don’t think I’ll give her any competition. She can have the spotlight to herself, for now.