Non-Peyton Manning MVP List (Week 6 Version)

Nour Hatoum

In 2013, Peyton Manning has been confused with Superman in a Broncos’ uniform. He has been that special. Just take a look at his stats if you haven’t heard how incredible they are already. Personally, I’m attracted to the fact that he’s on pace to throw for 64 touchdowns. Alright, alright, that’s enough about Manning. There have been other players who have made significant impacts on their teams’ success in 2013. Manning will win the MVP award if he continues his magic, but if he does not, here are some guys to keep your eye on.

  1. Andrew Luck

Aside from Peyton’s unprecedented start, Luck has been nothing short of brilliant so far. He has already led the Colts to wins over the 49ers and Seahawks. He has made Darrius Heyward-Bey look the part of a capable NFL wide receiver.  Even against the league’s top defenses, Luck has performed well, with 388 combined passing yards and no interceptions vs. the 49ers and Seahawks, a feat that other top-notch QB’s have accomplished in 2013. Luck has taken what some have called a C+ caliber team—a team that not many had finishing in the playoffs—and made them a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

  1. Jimmy Graham

With 593 yards on the season, including over 100 yards receiving in each game so far, Graham is making history as a tight end. He is too tall and strong for corners, and too quick for linebackers and safeties. With Sean Payton’s return, Graham is maximizing his potential in the offense. His impact to the Saints this season is unmatched by any non-quarterback.


  1. Drew Brees

This is a no-brainer. Brees is on pace to beat his single season passing yards record and to throw 40 touchdowns. A mediocre team in 2012 based on the standards set in New Orleans, Brees has helped spark a u-turn in 2013. The Saints are 5-0 thanks to the stellar play of Breesus. Yes, the Saints have only faced one high-caliber defense (da Bears), but in that game, Brees delivered. The Saints have been in command since the get-go. If Brees keeps his play up, 2013 could look a lot like 2009, when the Saints marched their way to a Super Bowl championship.

  1. Jamaal Charles

The receiving running back is becoming increasingly popular around the NFL. Few RB’s do it better than Charles, who has been equally efficient running and receiving the ball in 2013. Charles has 250 receiving yards out of the backfield, good for 2nd in the NFL (1st in the AFC). He’s already on pace to break his career high in receiving yards (468 in 2010). In the red zone, Charles has been on point. All 5 of his touchdowns so far (3 on the ground, 2 through the air) have been within the opponent’s 20-yard line. Charles’s dynamic play has only been bolstered by the play of the Chiefs defense, giving him more opportunities to run the ball and milk the clock.

  1. Justin Houston

I know what you may be thinking: “Who?” But if you’ve been keeping track around the league, you know that what Justin Houston has accomplished so far is nothing short of spectacular. Houston has totaled 8.5 sacks through 5 games, 2nd in the NFL to Colts’ defensive tackle Robert Mathis. His best game came in week 3 against the Eagles. Houston recorded 4.5 sacks, 3 passes defended, 6 total tackles, and a forced fumble. Those are ridiculous numbers. Yes, the Eagles offensive line isn’t the greatest ever, but that kind of production against any o-line is terrific. Houston is leading a Chiefs defense that leads the NFL in total sacks and has only surrendered 58 points through five games (t-1st in the league). Houston could have an Aldon Smith-like breakout season in 2013, so keep your eyes on him for sure.

  1. Jordan Cameron

The Browns are in 1st place. I repeat: the Browns are in 1st place (tied for 1st, but that’s good enough for 1st for Browns fans). I am perplexed by the previous statement, which I hope readers can relate to. How are they 3-2? The answer: Jordan Cameron has been sensational. He leads the team in receiving yards, touchdowns, targets, receptions, yards after catch, and many more categories. I haven’t even gotten to the good part. He has 396 receiving yards and 5 touchdowns with Brandon Weeden and Brian Hoyer throwing to him.  Name any other tight end who is producing at the moment and I assure you their quarterback is producing equally as efficient. But Cameron doesn’t have things so easy in Cleveland. With both of the aforementioned quarterbacks out with injuries, it looks as if Jason Campbell will step under the helm. Not the best news for Cameron, but considering how he’s been doing so far, I wouldn’t be worried. Cameron is having a breakout season in some of the toughest conditions a receiver can have, yet he’s been remarkable.

Please comment with your thoughts on which player you think should be MVP (besides Peyton of course)! Is Jimmy Graham really that valuable? How about Luck—do his numbers warrant that of an MVP? Feel free to add players not mentioned as well.