The Real Question about Student of the Week

Sophie Lancaster

Staff Writer

Who could forget last week when senior Quintin Halls fearlessly took the stage and entertained us all with his humorous questions and witty comments? Although everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, I couldn’t help but think what is student of the week, and how do I not get chosen? Amidst all of the questions, answers, and laughter during the interview, this question only seemed to cloud my mind more and more. In following days, I was happy to know that I wasn’t the only one with this pessimistic train of thought. Or maybe I should say I wasn’t the only freshman with this train of thought.

Every student from the class of 2017 seemed to have the same general feeling towards this new weekly tradition. It typically went something like this, “I do not want to be student of the week!” However, reflecting more and more on this new assembly segment got me thinking that we, as freshman in particular, should be excited to get to know our grade more, and even more excited to get to know the other grades. I’m sure Saniya Jaffer, our new senior, wasn’t too thrilled to be put on the spot in front of the entire Upper School student body. However, if you asked her after, I’d bet it made her feel more comfortable with our environment. I mean, we are pretty welcoming, if I do say so myself. Asking anyone else after Q’s interview would probably lead to them telling you it gave them a good laugh and they actually learned a thing or two about a member in our community.

So, if you happen to be a cup half-empty person like me, you’re not alone. On the contrary, if you’re eager to be the next student of the week then I applaud your enthusiasm and you can forget this article all together. However, as Romans, we should be eager to get in front of our peers and tell them about ourselves. Going to a school like Latin, we forget that our community is so small and we should take advantage of every opportunity to grow closer as a student (and faculty) body.

Despite our combined stage fright, I think we can all agree that student of the week is not something to dread, and I encourage everyone to hope that it will be them. Although I am still crossing my fingers that it won’t be me anytime soon, I am looking forward to seeing who will be sitting up there next time. And to that lucky student, just remember we are all excited to be hearing about you, and thankful that we have a whole week of refuge before being faced with being—dun, dun, dun—student of the week.]]>