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Forecast For Football

Julian Passman

This fall, Mr. Windus and I, along with a few other Latin students, have created a Sports Writing ISP. The other members (Nour Hatoum, and Aidan Mackie) and I will be writing an article a week regarding NFL news, predictions, and the like. Before Week 1 (and the start of the season),  I have made some predictions for the playoffs and wild cards. If anyone is interested in Football or sports writing, we are always looking for people to write with us!

Division Winners & Wild Cards:

NFC East Champion: Dallas Cowboys. The NFC East is one of the weaker divisions in the NFC, and this division is truly wide open to any team. The Cowboys spent a ton of money on Tony Romo’s new contract this offseason, and I think it’s about time he delivers.

NFC West Champion: San Francisco 49ers. This is the best division in the league. There is not on team who is a pushover now that Arizona has upgraded their Quarterback. I’m not ready to jump on Seattle’s bandwagon yet, I think Colin Kaepernick and the Niners defense does enough to win this division.

NFC North Champion: Green Bay Packers. The North is a strong division as well, littered with Quarterback talent and productive offenses. The Packers have big holes on defense but as long as Rodgers is playing QB, I can’t see anyone else winning this division.

NFC South: Atlanta Falcons: The fact that the NFC South is considered a “weak” division, says a lot about how good the NFC is this year. Atlanta, however, is a Super Bowl favorite in my mind, and should have no trouble beating out New Orleans or Tampa for the division title.

NFC Wild Cards: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chicago Bears. The Bears were unlucky to miss the playoffs last year after finishing 10-6. Although they wont win the division, the Wild Card will be within reach. I may be going out on a limb here, but I think the Bucs will make the playoffs. While that means drastic improvement from Josh Freeman, their defense has been revamped with the acquisitions of Revis and Goldson in the secondary.

AFC East: New England Patriots. Uh, is this even a question? This division really is mediocre minus the Pats, they should be given the title on Week 1

AFC West: Denver Broncos. Similar to the East, this division is pretty bad. The Broncos should have no trouble beating up on their division mates: Oakland, San Diego, and Kansas City. Peyton Manning also looked pretty good on Thursday with 7 touchdown passes. Not too shabby.

AFC North: Cincinnati Bengals: You might say, “but the Ravens won the Super Bowl last year!” To which I would answer, “Did you watch the game on Thursday?” Yea, they didn’t look too great. The Bengals are average on offense but their defense is one of the league’s best and should propel them to a division title

AFC South: Houston Texans. The Colts and Texans are really the only teams with a chance to win this division. No offense Jaguars or Titans fans, but your teams aren’t very good. I say the Texans take this one, although I do not think they will reach their 12-4 record from 2012.

AFC Wild Cards: Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs. Well, if this doesn’t prove to you how bad the AFC truly is, then I don’t know what will. You are reading correctly, I have selected the Kansas City Chiefs to make the playoffs, the same Chiefs that were 2-14 last year. I like the addition of Alex Smith and Andy Reid. As for Miami, Tannehill should perform better now with deep-threat, Mike Wallace to throw to.]]>

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