Senior Citizen

Blaike Young   Features Editor Screen shot 2013-08-25 at 2.58.59 PM You know in the movies when high school seniors look like they’re 25? Well, I know it’s because they actually are 25, but I was still kind of hoping the summer would transform me in the way we all expect it to. Doesn’t everyone want that moment where you strut into school and your hair is blowing wild in the wind, everyone is gawking, the stairs don’t seem brutal cause you’re in such good shape, you’re a glowing goddess, you know you look good, and suddenly the world is your oyster? If you’ve never wanted this post-summer reaction, I don’t get you. The truth is, though, it’s pretty hard to achieve the intended goal when you see everyone over the summer mid-metamorphosis. It’s like going to the Oscars with your hair and makeup done, but you’re still wearing Lulu Lemon sweatpants and a raggedy tank top. It’s not complete, and even if you are a fully blossomed butterfly by the time school starts, the incomplete picture of you is still fresh and lingering. Anyways, this is how entering senior year can feel. I’m a different person than I was freshman-junior year, however the connotations to my name and my face still remain. But to quote my role model, Ralph Lauren (duh), “the world is open to us and each day is an occasion to reinvent ourselves.” While others may refuse to accept how we’ve changed since that first impression, I for one am choosing to embrace my slow transformation. Who cares if anyone else accepts you if you accept yourself? Anyway, this is the beginning of the end for us seniors and college will be one big reinvention. Why not start a little earlier? Senior year, I’ve decided with all my authority, is the year of just being whoever you want to be. It’s the last hoorah. It’s the year of attitude. That is, a confident one. Who cares if I don’t look 25? I can feel just as cool as those actors look. And you can too.  ]]>