Bye, Bye, Boehle

Hedy Gutfreund Co-Editor-in-Chief I have some bad news. The Toga Party is wrong. Oh, it’s satire? Yes, I know. Still, Anthea and Amy happen to be more wrong than for the purpose of satire. In their first issue, they reported, “Joe Boehle is offered leading position at Microsoft; turns it down to spread awareness about Latin Auth.” Unfortunately, this brings me to my real bad news. Mr. Boehle has, as a matter of fact, accepted a job in the West, which we both find charmingly ironic. In his words, “I have been looking to leave the Midwest for several years and love warm weather, so that’s why I’m heading to the West.” After three years at Latin, Mr. Boehle is leaving his job as Upper School Technology Coordinator to be the IT Director at Phoenix Country Day School, a private K-12 school in Paradise Valley, Arizona, near Scottsdale. He expects a more relaxed pace in Arizona compared to Chicago and “less stress, more sunshine.” Still, Mr. Boehle says it will “be difficult to leave this job” and that the hardest part of his decision to move to Arizona was leaving Latin. He enjoys the unique location of Latin, conveniently situated next to Lincoln Park, which he says “provides a nice place to have lunch.” But it’s not just the location he loves — he says he loves “how nice everybody is—the teachers, the students, the administration—and how appreciative the students are whenever [he] help[s]” and “how generous the teachers are with their gratitude.” His favorite memories include the Latin auction, because seeing the families of Latin students come together as one community to support the school is “pretty powerful” to him. He also recognizes the unique opportunities we have in hearing LIFE speakers and “the many, many things they’ve come to offer around the world to the students.” As much as we’ll miss Mr. Boehle, someone new will take his place. So, Mr. Boehle reminds us to be kind to the next person and offers a bit of advice to his successor. “Pace yourself, know what you’re good at, and continue to excel at that. Use the opportunity of a great school to learn new things and to deepen your understanding of technology and its uses in the classroom.” That seems like advice we can all heed. In the meantime, let’s cherish our visits to 321 to make Mr. Boehle’s final quarter at Latin a memorable one. PS: A special shoutout from everyone at The Forum to Mr. Boehle for all he has done to help us out. From helping us launch this cool new layout to getting technology together for the Clubs Fair, we’re definitely going to miss him.]]>