Ave Atque Vale

Staff Writer When a student thinks about what makes a Latin teacher, they may think “caring, intelligent, thoughtful, genuine, or involved.” All of these qualities are embodied in Mr. Cushman, a teacher, advisor, and colleague who has affected the lives of many students and teachers at Latin. The bittersweet departure of Mr. Cushman has left many people excited for his accomplishments but sad that his creativity and enthusiasm will no longer be a part of the Latin community. Junior Victoria Bianco loved a project that she did in his Honors Latin 3 class last year. Mr. Cushman assigned a project where the students had to learn about something that interested them in Ancient Greek or Roman history. “He gave us a lot of freedom in choosing what we studied—It could be anything that interested us.” This allowed the students to enjoy learning about their topic and gain a better appreciation of the history behind their language. One of his advisors says that “I always go to Mr. Cushman for guidance and advice because he listens, is supportive, and genuinely wants to see me succeed.” Dum docent, discunt. While they teach, they learn. And, that’s exactly been Mr. Cushman’s experience at Latin. While teaching here, Mr. Cushman has learned how to be an adult. He says that he has learned how to be a professional, even if he doesn’t always need to be, and has learned how to be a better teacher and colleague. “I have learned how to focus on others rather than myself”, says Mr. Cushman, a quality that will help him in the future. One of his favorite parts about Latin is the students, and specifically, that they challenge the ideas of their teachers. “When the classroom has a democratic feel, and the students have input to how the classes run, both the teachers and students are learning the best way to achieve academic goals,” he says. When asked what advice he has for us students, he replied with “pursue your passions. I think that is something we all should to and I want students to feel the power to do that.” He continued on saying, “It’s all about doing what you want to do.” Next year Mr. Cushman, along with his family, will leave Chicago for the University School in Milwaukee to follow that same idea. There, he will be the head of the Upper School. “I look forward to see what the issues are there. I have already learned what some of the issues are, and I’m really excited to jump into them. And I’m really excited to try to bring some of the things that I think we do really well here, and try to make that part of the USM community.” While he transitions, however, he will miss the Latin community. “I will miss the people and the relationships,” he says. “I will miss my advisory, as well. I have pretty great advisees. It would be really great to see where you guys go to college.” Mr. Cushman’s presence will be missed at Latin; his silly remarks that everyone can’t help but smile at, his helpful advice, and his continuous support. However, the next chapter of his life is a great step in a new direction that will challenge and engage Mr. Cushman in the future years. So to that, we must say ave atque vale. Hale, and farewell.]]>