Flying Pigs, Musical Chairs, and Blind Dates, oh my

Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind (hence the Intermediate Acting class’s clever name, Too Much Flight Makes the Piggy Go Blind). Although the idea behind the show was borrowed, the students themselves wrote a significant portion of the show. Grace told me that “2/3 of [their] show was original work,” while the other 10 plays were borrowed from the Neo-Futurists. Personally, I thought the show was awesome! It was very different from the kind of theatre usually performed at Latin, so it was really interesting to watch. I never knew what to expect and there wasn’t a dull moment in the entire show. Another great part that’s crucial to any show is that the actors seemed to genuinely be enjoying themselves, which makes the experience that much more enjoyable. If you missed the evening performance on the 4th and wish you could’ve seen it, you’re in luck. The group will be doing another show during the D-Block exam period. In addition, to spice things up, they will be writing 8 new plays to add to the show. So, if you already saw it, there’s an incentive to see it again. Not only that, but there’s no better way to alleviate some of that pre/post-exam stress than to laugh it off and enjoy some quality entertainment. If you’re someone who likes humor, drama, and audience interaction all mixed into one show, I highly recommend seeing the Intermediate Acting Company’s Too Much Flight Makes the Piggy Go Blind. Sincerely, Softshoe Tomato (I’m still confused with the name)  ]]>