Meet Ms. Lawrence

Victoria Lancaster Staff Writer We all miss Ms. Stevens around the Upper School as she continues her maternity leave, but Ms. Lawrence is a great addition to the Latin Community. Ms. Lawrence will be temporarily replacing Ms. Stevens as the Upper School guidance counselor. I immediately felt comfortable and welcome after setting foot in her office. I encourage everyone to stop by, even if it’s just to introduce yourself and say hi. After talking with Ms. Lawrence, I thought it would be a good idea to ask her some questions, so the Forum and our readers could get to know her a bit: VL: How has your experience at Latin been so far? AL: My initial introduction to Latin has been positive. I have found the faculty, staff, and students to be very warm and welcoming. VL: How is the Latin community similar or different from other communities you have been a part of? AL: For middle school and high school, I went to a private, independent school with many similarities to Latin. In this way, the culture of Latin is not totally foreign to me. I look back on my own middle and high school days with fondness, so it feels nice to be back in a similar environment. VL: Have you gotten to know any students yet? AL: Yes. I have gotten to know many students and would love to meet everyone. Stop by my office and grab some candy and say hello- my door is open! VL: What is your favorite color? What about your favorite food? AL: My favorite color is probably turquoise blue. I see that color as a neutral and feel like it goes with everything. My favorite food is definitely sushi- although no eel or octopus for me! VL: If you could have one super power, what would it be? AL: At the risk of sounding cheesy, I would love to be able to heal people’s pain. As a counselor, I have the privilege of helping people manage and sort out any difficulties, but I am often frustrated that I cannot just eliminate people’s suffering altogether. I always say that I wish I just had a magic wand to make the problem go away. Ms. Lawrence loves visitors, and as she said, her door is always open. Stop by and give her a friendly Latin welcome!  ]]>