Inventing Anna: A Major Buzzkill?


Netflix drama series Inventing Anna follows reporter Vivian Kent (Anna Chlumsky) as she investigates Anna Delvey (Julia Garner), a self-proclaimed German heiress and New York socialite accused of many white-collar crimes.
Upon its premiere on February 11, Inventing Anna attracted a large audience. When I first read the description of the show, I expected a juicy drama filled with fun, radiant characters. Instead, it delivered the opposite.
This show is not the run-home-and-binge-watch type, but more like one you fall asleep to. Its producers could have done much more with such an interesting plot.
The show has an amazing cast, as well as a renowned drama series writer, Shonda Rhimes (Shondaland). However, its creators attempt to paint Anna Delvey in an appealing light instead of exposing her as a con artist with the oh-so-captivating life that we viewers were craving.
Garner is very talented, but the Anna Delvey she portrays is unpersonable and hard to read. She doesn’t give the show any extra oomph. Freshman Olivia Harris agreed, adding that she “didn’t like her accent,” as “it [felt] ingenuine.” On the other hand, many viewers have said they admire Delvey for her outstanding smarts and attitude. Her ability to execute such a high-risk fraud for so long is a true triumph. Freshman Francesca Santori said, “The main character was fearless and smart, which is impressive since she is a con artist.”
I didn’t like the focus on Vivian Kent. Centering the story around a plain reporter just chasing down a story wasn’t the optimal way to engage an audience. No one likes simple and drama free. I want glamor and action.
The show was a major buzzkill for me, and I will definitely be more reluctant to just click. But that said, I do recommend Inventing Anna to viewers who have a higher attention span than I do and like the nitty-gritty details.