The More We Get Together, Together, Together (The Happier We’ll Be)

MJ Porzenheim Staff Writer Latin has loads of affinity groups. While these groups are certainly not antagonistic or opposed in their goals (no, LAW and Men’s Alliance aren’t engaged in some crazy battle of the sexes), they often do not work together or pool their resources as much as they could. This year, that may change. A new committee, called the Equity and Diversity committee, seeks to catalyze that change. As Dr. Williams, the new director of diversity and faculty advisor to the group, says, “it’s an opportunity to have regular communication (between) the individual groups.” Many of you may remember when Latin sent several of its students to SDLC, the Student Diversity Leadership Conference in Houston, Texas. Those students will lead the council, which will include the leaders of the affinity groups (in no particular order): LAW, Asian Club, Jewish Student Union, Black Student Union, Men’s Alliance, LASO, and The Cause. All of these people will be considered members of student government like elected representatives; elected representatives will also attend the committee. Their goals are to create a forum for discussions of issues “including but not limited to race, ethnicity, color, gender, and sexuality;”* “have regular communication (between) the individual groups,” according to Dr. Williams; inform Latin students about equity and diversity in and beyond Latin; “generate joint community time programming and service learning opportunities;” ideate ways to have our curriculum better embrace diversity and equity; “develop programming for students new to Latin (with, perhaps, a role in 9th grade orientation;” help admissions make the student body more diverse; and head up the process by which diversity and equity clubs apply to get funded. They plan to reach these goals by meeting every other Tuesday. As with student council meetings, all students are welcome to attend. Dr. Williams also adds, “in addition to serving as faculty sponsor to this new group, my role as Director of Diversity will begin with meeting members of faculty, staff and administration to learn about their ideas and concerns about diversity work at Latin.” On how the group will operate, she says, “it’s not like any other group. We won’t have a social agenda- we have to listen to the community.”]]>