ECCO: A Love Story

Charlotte Collins & Erika Marcinek Guest Writers What is Ecco?  Many may wonder every time we make obnoxious announcements.Well, we say, holding eachother’s hands while staring deeply into each other’s eyes, it is so much more than just a magazine. It’s a way of life.  Cherika (the two headed dog that is us), Ms Holloway, Mr Joyce and the rest of the club share deep bond.  Sure, it began as a mere compilation of paper, devoted to the celebration of Latin’s student art and literature, but blossomed like a flower, perhaps entirely due to our leadership and chemistry(?), but mostly due to the fantastic people involved and a mutual mission to be accomplished.  To delve deeper into the True Grit of Ecco, we would like to give you a glimpse into the elusive private life of Cherika in the form of an interview.  Let us begin!ERIKA: Hey girl.  Why do we keep making those announcements?Charlotte: So people will continually be confused as to where I come from. ERIKA: Shut up.  Seriously, why? I hate it. Charlotte: Well lady friend, nobody submits. Kidding! (sort of). We always want more work from students, especially as this issue (get excited!) is focused on combining writing and art. ERIKA: What does that mean? Charlotte: That means that we not only have a range of writing (aka Rachel Stone, if she had multiple personalities) but also artwork to go with it as well as work that combines letters and other mediums. ERIKA: One of the great things about Ecco is that what ends up in the publication is decided entirely by students (Clarisse Cassalino and Rachel Stone are our writing editors) with the help of Ms. Holloway, Mr. Joyce, Su Kim, Maya Mickel, Kate Guynn, Will Nuelle, Abigail Nadler, and probably more people we’re forgetting right now.  The issue is a collaborative effort between all the kids in the club, which makes it special, fun, and better than Vidi. Charlotte: Important to point out: we have a somewhat one sided rivalry with Vidi, which I don’t think they know about.  We considered having a dodge ball tournament to finally settle the (nonexistent) score, but then realized we’re way to weak (literally anyone could defeat us in any physical competition) and they would just be really confused. Erika: This isn’t over Vidi Charlotte: Because it really never began.  Anyway, what really defines Ecco is that every decision is made by the students for the students, meaning that the publication represents the school community perfectly. Erika: Very true, but Ms. Holloway’s help cannot be more important.  She is essential to the magazine, as well as to our lives, and as soon as Charlotte and I graduate we are friending her on Facebook and liking every one of her photos. Charlotte: She’s just that great.  Mr. Joyce is also a great presence to have in the club because he helps to remind us that writing is just as large a part of it as art, and is always useful in deciphering submissions. Erika: Ecco is a group effort, and will result in hopefully something that will be just as much fun to flip through as it was to make. Charlotte: The club is a blast, and I’m seriously not just saying that because it allows me to spend half an hour in a room with Erika. Erika: Please submit any work you have (although it probably wont make it into the next issue), give us high-fives in the hallway, come to the club if you’re curious, and check out the magazine when it comes out.

Charlotte: Or we’ll find you.